Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mother's Covers

'When you were small
And just a touch away.
I covered you with blankets
Against the cool night air.

But now you are tall
And out of reach,
I fold my hands
And cover you in prayers.'
Author unknown

As our children grow and move on in life, it is the fact that I still have little ones at home that continues to remind me of how quickly the time goes and how little time we have at home with our precious children.

It reminds me that I need to ALWAYS continue to commit them to God and be conscientious in my daily offering of them to His care.

For when all is said and done we can only teach and guide them, and then when they leave our home and care to pursue other paths, we pray that what we have taught will continue to uphold them as they continue to grow and that they always rely on God for strength and courage to live by their convictions.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Suzanne said...

Gae, this I loved! I am sharing this on my FB page:-)

Suzanne said...

Oh Gae, I think you want to edit the word contentious--you surely meant conscientious, yes? LOL!

Gae said...

Dear Suzanne,
Oh yes thank you for that correction. I even prof read it and did not pick that up. An entirely different meaning, lol

Kari said...

What a beautiful poem, I love it! My own children are all still young enough to be home with me but I struggle with letting them go already. I think I will copy this poem to remind me that they will never be far from my prayers!

Gabriella said...

Tears<3 I happened to read this on one of our son's 17th birthday. He is number 7 of our 10 and he is over 6 feet tall now:) Four have left home, to start their own families or to go to college and Catholic Seminary, and we have another leaving in the Spring to be married. But this new phase of my life as a grandmother brings so many new joys, and the promise of so many more blessings to come<3
Thank you for sharing your tender heart with us, dear Gae. God's continued graces be upon you and your beautiful family+


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