Monday, January 14, 2013

Those precious Sundays!!

Those precious days when we just laze through the day are often on a Sunday in our home. Now this does not happen every Sunday as we sometimes have more to do than others and even though we truly do try to not do any extra work on this day of rest, there are certain activities that need to be done to be done in a family our size.
Sunday this week was one of those prefect days.
We went to a later Mass and met some more people, as it was later there was a few edibles and coffee afterwards, great coffee I might add, being shared with all. As well as stimulating and welcoming conversation.
Afterwards we picked up some hot chips for lunch and headed home. Seriously the weather was perfect!!
There was a light breeze, well a bit more, but that's how I love it. It was a cooler day and we had no pressing things to do. The washing backed up and we did not have to do much lunch clean up.
Everyone was happy to go and do their own thing and the girls played, making a new house and decorating it.  Others were content to read and  just do quiet things on their own.
I did spend a bit of time with Corbyn who seemed to develop a  temperature and was miserable for ages. That meant I got to lay down and cuddle him and read my book too
At the end of the day we had a light shower of rain and we all quickly went outside to see the marvelous beauty in this huge double rainbow. It was so huge and was behind trees that it was impossible to photograph fully. Sadly, the second one did not show up at all in the photos.
Really it was one of those non memorable days but really full of memories.

Those days that will be remembered not for anything remarkable but because we were together in our family circle just Enjoying the Journey together as we should be.

Thank you God for these precious days!
Blessings to you and your homes,

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful and blessed Sunday with family. :)


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