Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday Rogan ♥

You know that a child is growing in Grace and Virtue when you see that child respond well to the news that his birthday will have to wait for a couple of weeks due to circumstances beyond our control.

You know a child is growing into a young man when you see him respond with love and care for a smaller child when they have intruded on his personal space or hurt his feelings.

You see that young man and notice all the beauty he has to share in his ability to share the love of nature the nurturing of and those less able with you.

And I  have seen this and more in our special boy and I see the start of the man he will become one day.

The years come and go and the family dynamics change and it is a pleasure to watch our children grow.
For a long time Rogan was one of the little kids, then a middle one and now I see him as one of our bigger kids.

I am so thankful to see again the growth of one of our children and as this birthday has come and gone I pray that you continue to grow on the path you are taking.

All our love Always sweet and gentle boy,

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Erin said...

Happy Birthday Rogan from all of us. Your Mum's quite right, you are indeed a special young man who shines.{{}}


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