Monday, May 20, 2013

My Mothers Day this Year

Mothers Day was a lovely day although certainly a very different one for our family this year and probably not one I would like to set as a yearly event.
Instead of the usual breakfast in bed I am usually blessed with, this year I was helping our little son eat his breakfast in his hospital bed.

Needless  to say I was extremely grateful though that our sweet son, one of the special reasons I was celebrating this day, was on the way to recovery. A fairly long road, for him, but certainly an improvement on the precious weekend.
After spending most of the day at the hospital Stephen came to pick me up and take me home to the rest of the children. As our goal for Corbyn during his hospital stay was not to leave him on his own, his grandparents came in to stay with him while I was gone.
This was a most generous gift as well and we have been most thankful that they were able to help us during this time.
As it was late in the day just before dinner time actually when we went outside for the outside play that invariable accompanies one of these type of family days the light was not really that good for photos but nevertheless we had to have some for memories.
Sword fighting, bike riding and pushing on tyre swings are all important events to be shared on these days.
All our little ones love to sword fight and are in on the action from an early age. Of course having a battle with Daddy is THE best.
Huck Finn you may think! I just don't know how his feet were not freezing and yes we do try to patch his jeans but he really prefers them this way, even though I can't understand it.
We naturally had to  split up into teams for a battle, and this was team 1
We were team 2
and Stephen and the other kids were team 3.
Guess who is the prime target in these events?
Yep everyone gangs up on Dad.
As Braedon had been away for the weekend on the way home he brought me these flowers. Sadly our Kynan and  Autumn were not able to be home but I did enjoy talking on the phone to them too.
A gift from some lovely friends given to Stephen and the boys for  me as they collected wood for our fires on Saturday. They made a beautiful table decoration.
Dinner cooked up specially was sizzle steak, slater potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, peas and broccoli.
Oh yes and wasn't I blessed with gifts this year too.
Two books I had been wanting for a long time, the almost annual slippers. Then some chocolates from my sweet Eden to savour.
For a long time I have been wanting to grow some medicinal herbs and so even though some will die down in the winter I was thrilled to get some for my new garden.

After all this excitement I went back to the hospital to a sad little man who insisted I had been away too long and we watched movie together and then I snuggled him in his hospital bed thankful for all my blessings.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Sugar Pie said...

Dear Gae,
You always look like you all have so much fun...especially on your families special days...what a bitter sweet one for you this year & a sad one for little Corbyn, I pray that your little man is back up on his feet again soon joining in on the sword fights & all the other wonderful fun things you do with as a family,
May God Bless you all,
Robyn xx


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