Wednesday, September 4, 2013

HAPPY FATHERS DAY (belated post)

Fathers Day comes only about a week after our oldest son/child's birthday.
To me Fathers Day has always been a very special event as it came so soon after our first baby's birth and then his Daddy was celebrating the joy in a more formal way in the celebration of 'Fathers Day'

Of course the  joy of being a father is a year round thing and I know the Daddy in our home treasures the role of Daddy much more than all his other roles apart from husband.
It is often noted by his children, and me as well that the longer he stays away from home the crankier he gets.
This was certainly noticed those years he lived and worked interstate from us and it still takes it toll as Stephen does NOT like to be away from his family for even an overnight trip.
This Fathers day started fairly relaxed as we had decided to go to Mass on the Sunday evening so we could all enjoy a little sleep in.
However Trahaearn and I were up early so we made the 'Breaky in bed' that Daddy was expecting and Trahaearn decided he would have a little plateful too and sit up with Daddy in bed to eat it too.
A treasure memory for him and his Daddy.

The other children slept in and it was so nice to relax after a very busy week.
Now you know of course the most important thing to do on Fathers Day is to go to Bunnings to buy the materials for the long awaited wooden swing set and platform  that we have planned for so very long.
Naturally some of the younger children, in fact all except Myffwyn decided they really needed to come to Bunnings with us to buy the said supplies.
I think they thought the swing set would be very quickly put together and obviously the timber and bits and bobs they saw us buying looked nothing like a swing set.
You can see that of course they would become very bored very quickly as we measure and decide on what timber to buy and other fittings we needed.
I think they thought the swing set would be very quickly put together
Thankfully Eden came and she was a great help with the children.

You know how these days go don't you?
We have plans and then we have reality.
The Plans- A quick trip to Bunnings and shopping then coming back to have a BBQ lunch on Stephen's new BBQ he received for Fathers Day have a relaxing afternoon and then off to Mass.
Of course it didn't go like this!
Reality - Stephen decided to wash the car at the car wash and the engine got wet somehow and so we spent a good 45 mins sitting in the car wash trying to get the car started again.
This obviously delayed us on our way to Bunnings and this took far longer than we had anticipated and then we needed to buy groceries fro the lunch.
Talk about well prepared hey?

So we finally arrive back home with some very hot, tired and out of sorts children.

Braedon and Anna-Lisa arrived not long after, just in time to help put the BBQ together.
Anna had brought a lovely Chocolate cake for sweets which was wonderful as  mine was still in the process of being created.

We did managed to get the BBQ cooked and sat down for  a very late lunch together (minus Kynan and Autumn, sigh!!) nearly all the children at home.
I seriously guess this is how it will be in years to come.

Anyway we had our lunch enjoyed the cake and then realised we needed to be moving very quickly to get to Mass on time.
Mass was beautiful and we stopped on the way home for an ice-cream and off home for an evening together and a quiet end to the day.

We love you my heart
Love F and the little ones

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Anonymous said...

That is so nice though that most of you were able to be there. What beautiful sainted glass!!


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