Sunday, November 3, 2013

All Saints Celebration 2013

All saints day this year was a really successful day in regards to achieving what we wanted.
The children chose their saints that they wanted to dress up as and we found the saints in our Book of Saints Series and I found this site for great Saint  colouring pictures that we choose a few from.
I also read Father Phillip Tells a Ghost Story

I made up a couple of word searches from an online word generator because our children love them.
I made a harder one for the older kids, being Vellvin and Rogan, because Saxon and Eden were at work.
Then I made a simpler one for Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn.

We used Jessica's Saint Bingo and Saint Cards for a go fish game that we played after dinner.
We also printed the Scavanger Hunt too, which we just filled in the blanks for

Surprisingly we did not have any special themed food for this day and I don't think it was missed.

We were invited to a group All Saints Day but our car had not had the seats put back in so we couldn't go.

I'm sure the children did enjoy our day though and the dressing is a MAJOR part of the fun for us.
However getting a group shot was like an impossibility.

Now on to our saints-
Arwen was St Bernadette!!
I got very confused as she was going to be St Agnes with her lamb then she was St Bernadette  and I missed the significance of her kneeling near the Roses with a Rosary. Thank you Vellvin for setting her up like this.

Corbyn was St Mark with his Lion
His was one of the fun costumes to put together

But he  refused to wear his sandals but had to have his gumboots, which he lives in.
Vellvin cam as St Zita

One of the best parts was getting her basket of goodies to give to the poor
Myffwyn was St Kateri and it was so good that we were able to use Autumn's Indian costume I made for her 10th birthday.

Trahaearn was St Francis but he wasn't very co-operative this day and would definitely not have his picture taken.
He wouldn't put his hood on and look at me

But he was very cute anyway

And then he and St Bernadette started to feed St Francis's animals their lunch
Rogan decided he wanted to come as St Raphael
St Francis followed us on our journey
as St Raphael was showing us his costume
Let's pray a Rosary says St Francis
Ok the wings- we couldn't find any so I quickly used some tracing paper and coloured them in
Once the breeze picked up they did flap around which was pretty cool though.
Moran was St Cecilia
and she loved having the violin to play for this

So...... St Bernadette wasn't happy with her costume after she saw St Raphael and wanted to be an angel too.
Here are some scenes of the children working on their 'work pages' while I read aloud about everyones saints.
A messy table as we work
Still in costume, well most of them anyway.

I read the Father Phillip story on the lounge as Arwen and Trahaearn both were tired and fell asleep while listening
We did buy a pumpkin to make a Pumpkin Moonshine.
We have only done this once before and they children really loved it.
I know the children would have loved to make more with different patterns but they are frightfully expensive here.
We did keep the seeds so hopefully we might be able to grow some for next year.
This type of pumpkin is so different to the type we eat all the time. So much empty space and very stringy.
Rogan was the one who was most keen and so he did the work by himself
Our other book display.
I just love Pumpkin Moonshine as a sweet book on the family traditions of the day.
The flies were very pesky and seemed to love the pumpkin inards
Nearly there............
But then we added soome stars and moon to the sides
Very proud pumpkin cutter for the first time.
Myffy was his photographer and companion
When Eden came home she started straight away on the wordsearch.
Did I mention how much our kids like wordsearches?
When it was dark and we went to light the pumpkin we found this huge moth inside the pumpkin.
It refused to leave even after we put the lit candles inside
Wow they look fantastic at night
See the moth is still there  and stayed there all night

After dinner and clean up we played the games together.
I must admit this was a lot later than we wanted to play the games
One very tired little player BUT she did win the Bingo Game
Then we  played Go Fish with the Saint cards which I couldn't laminate as some very helpful person put paper in the laminator and it won't work now.
Which munchkin could it be.
Brother team..
Is it really time for bed?
I don't want the party to end!!
Good night!
Sleep Tight!
Blessed All Saints Day to You!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Bernice Zieba said...

Hi Gae
I have came across your blog not long ago. We too have done some dressing up on Allsaints day! One of my daughters was St. Clara, my son was St. Martin. We did'nt have a pumpkin this year but instead a tart with nutfilling. Fun fotos shown at your home in Australia!
Blessings from Switzerland

Gae said...

Dear Bernice,
Thank you for your visit and leaving such a lovely comment.
I do hope you enjoyed our home and will visit again.
I must admit I love the children dressing up from just what we have in the cupboard but sometimes get overwhelmed by the many professional costumes out there
Hope to see you again
God Bless

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! Looks like you all had so much fun planning it all out!


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