Monday, December 30, 2013

Feast of the Holy Family - 5th Day of Christmas

Today the 5th Day of Christmas we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family in our Liturgical Year.

It is one day each Christmas Season when I think of our family and how we are doing as a model for each other in the way we encourage each other in the special bond of -Family.

Our family circle is different each year with children getting older, some moving away form home following their own paths, others reaching out in the community while still living at home.
Some years in the past we have been blessed to have a new baby welcomed into this family circle and today I could not help but think of our own little ones not with us.

I have been a little slow in thinking up ideas for celebrating feasts over the last few weeks and months, especially after our lead up to Christmas with a most debilitating illness that spread through out our entire family.

However my main focus was to spend some time together in a very relaxed manner.
So after a HUGE folding up party this morning, and some resting and board game playing for others, we had planned on going to the playground after an evening Mass with some bought chips from the local Fish n Chip shop.

Of course this was too simple wasn't it?
Yes- the fish shop is closed until the 6th and NO the only other one we knew of on the other side of town has closed down.
So off to plan B and C.
We bought some cooked chooks, bread (hope we feel OK tomorrow) and coleslaw to take to the playground together.

As it turned out it was a lovely pleasant evening.
Nothing exciting- we ate, played on the equipment went for a walk around the various gardens and had an ice cream on the way home (some of us anyway)

However it did remind me again that it is the beauty of the everyday that creates memories.
It is how we learn to treat others first in a family setting .
It is the opportunity we have to grow from learning to be patient, loving, kind and caring among the people God has out into our family.

And while our family has a long way to go to be like The Holy Family, we are blessed to have that chance to strive each and every moment of the day, and that through the trials and joys of those everyday events we build up a strong base from which our children can then go forth and live their Faith in the world outside that  blessed family Circle.

May God bless you and strengthen in Faith your families on this most special feast  day!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Vellvin said...

It was a great evening, Mummy.
Love you lots, <3


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