Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Easy Felt Pencil Holder

As part of the Fancy Nancy Birthday I knew I wnated to make a pencil holder for Arwen as part of her 'start to offfical homeschooling' this I knew she would love as well as the Fancy Nancy Pen I made as well.
Both being made late at night so pictures were a little bright.
I do love the crayon pouches and pencil holders that have separate little pockets for each item and have dreamed of making one for years, but one times amount of children and lack of time pouch at all.

So the idea was born of which this pouch has been made.
Materials are easy:
a piece of felt either cheaper spotlight or nicer wool felt is fine
a packet of pencils
length of ribbon
sharp, small scissors and needle and thread.

Place the felt fabric on a table and decide where you would like to place the pencils, calculate how many you want to put in and then draw a little pencil mark along here for guidance.
Take your very sharp small scissors and make a very small slit in each space to put the pencils in.
Then simply place the pencils in

Fold along the bottom and hand sew the edges and somewhere in the middle to stop any stray pencils from falling out
Roll up the pouch to work out where to attach the ribbon and hand sew this on as well.
There you have it a quick and simple finished pencil pouch ready to give to a special little boy or girl.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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