Thursday, March 13, 2014

Music to Love..........

We are a family that loves music!!
I have played music to our children from before they have been born.
I make up little tunes to sing to them when they are new babies and then as they get bigger I have made a name song for them with the rhyme of their name.

I sing in the car and have been known to turn the volume up really loud with just me and the kids in the car.
We love to sing out loud in the car either to music playing or without doesn't matter to us at all but the memories we have doing this are ones I treasure.

Singing and dancing while holding a  baby, toddler, and then holding hands as we dance around the kitchen as we clean up after a meal or just cause we love to have the music on is such a natural part of our lives.

I have mentioned before some of our favourite musical Artists, and looking at this post shows me we need to update this list along with the favourite family movies and tv series.

For now I would just like to share the music we are listening to now in our home.
I am always on the lookout for new Christian bands and so was very happy when Saxon and Vellvin discovered these latest favourites-
Perhaps you have heard of these artist before but we  have just discovered them:
Citizen Way
The Afters I can't find their web page so here is a facebook link
Brandon Heath

These artists are played constantly on the family I-pod dock as well as private I-pods and in the car  and it has been lovely learning these new songs as well

The interesting thing with having older children and music is that we tend to grow away from the songs I played to the older children when they were the little children and so our little children now often miss out unless I am careful to play these younger style songs.
Mind you the older kids still join in and I think in a way relive the memories of their younger days too.

Two favourites that have carried on through the years in our music selection that we listen to still the favourites from years ago becoming the new favourites are from:
The Donut Man and
Colin Buchanan -an Australian artist

If you have any favourites you would like to share please do!!

BTW I am typing up this post while my husband is on youtube listening to all his old 70-80 favourites - some of which I think should have died a death way back then too.
Of which he only plays part of before moving on......DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Vellvin said...

I'm glad we play it in the car, otherwise it would be so boring! That's why I like to have you drive the car, and not Dad. Also, 70-80's music. *cringes*


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