Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to You......Three birthdays at once!!!!!!!!!!

Finally WE DID IT!!!

We decided we would have Moran, Myffwyn and Trahaearn's birthdays together as a big triple birthday as they wanted to have a Candyland Themed birthday party.
Now a party in our home does not necessarily  mean other people as I have explained in this post about why we celebrate birthdays like we do
So even though the children wanted this Candyland  theme it was organised for just our family. It was a fun day but it was a pretty stressful no not stressful as such, but it was a tightly financed and therefore very structured and organised birthday party.

I will be sharing what we actually made and played when we had the party but this is a Happy Birthday Post to these most special little people in our life.
Our little baby is now THREE!!
Who can believe it but boy oh boy we know every moment of our lives that this little guy is with us.
He is rambunctious, active and so very very adorable and loving and affectionate.
We love this little guy to bits and he is so lovable we can not imagine not having a sweet little boy like him.
Growing so fast he is a very communicative and talkative little guy. Understanding everything around him and letting us know his feelings and expectations too.
Happy Birthday to our adorable little Trahaearn  ♥
Myffwyn Verity known mostly as Myffy is 10!!
Again it is hard to believe she is so big too.
I was looking back over the last few years of birthdays and I can see some photos of her with her little baby teeth still and thinking how quickly the time has gone.
A sweet and giving nature with just the right amount of gumption if still a little 'dreamy' at times too.
Still at that stage of not quite big but not little either. A girl after my own heart......a girly girl who loves all things pink. Yep me too sweet girl.
Happy Birthday to our most precious and loved little girl  ♥
Our beautiful Moran turned 12, and the very next day was Trahaearn's birthday!
Such a precious young lady she is becoming.
So reliable in most things now she is rapidly becoming a genuine helper and instigator of organising the younger children.
Moran loves to get up early and do things while others are in bed and has been know to start her chores and learning early so she can have free time. Yes a clever young lady is our Moran and knows a lot more than she lets on. She is always listening and observing.
Happy Birthday to you too sweet darling Moran  ♥

So there we have our birthday children for this round (let me tell you a triple threat birthday with a theme party is a HUGE undertaking if you ever consider it) and I am playing catch up again. Sorry Saxon, Corbyn and Rogan  will get them belated to you.

Looking to share our party with you soon.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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