Monday, September 22, 2014

Confirmation for Rogan and Moran

Last week we were blessed to have two of our children, Rogan and Moran, receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Traditional Latin Rite.

Leading up to this time has been a wonderful and yet challenging experience.
Challenging in the fact that I have been preparing them (mainly Rogan- more on this in a minute) using our plans from previous children and then we had a few extra lessons with Father prior to the Confirmation. These challenges were mainly in  trying to memorise lessons and also realising the seriousness of what being a soldier for Christ actually means.

We gave  children  the choice of being confirmed in the Traditional Latin Rite or within the Novus Ordo Rite.
They clearly choose the former. 
The reason for giving them the choice is that we attend both of these Masses and while we love the beauty of the Latin Mass we are still willing to attend Novus Ordo.
Preparations at home also meant preparing each of the children a traditional iced fruit cake, as each of their older siblings have had.
Simple but effective. They both had the colour ribbon of their choice and a dove symbolising the Holy Spirit.
On Moran's I also added the same flowers that were on her Confirmation Dress.
Making each of the girls their own dress for Confirmation (and First Holy Communion) is something I have done each time. Ieven finished this one with time to spare :)
Moran's dress was quite a simple  and we used her favourite colour- purple to add embellishment to it.
I hand sewed on each of the purple petals along the hem line and then sewed a french knot in the center of each petal for added effect.
The girls have all had Coronets made for this occasion and I love the fact that they still love to wear them afterwards. Moran's I simply put new ribbons on to use again. However I will be making Myffwyn one for her First Holy Communion next month too.
Rogan dressed in his suit with a new tie. Sadly boys don't get the whole new dress thing but hey he did look handsome still!
The Confirmation and then High Solemn Mass was so very, very beautiful,  (extra and better photos are here) and truly brought home the many symbolic meanings of the Mass that you do not see every day.
Moran had Anna-Lisa as her sponsor and took the confirmation name of Dymphna - no surprise there as St Dymphna has been her special saint for many years.
Rogan took the name of Maximilian-Michael, two powerful intercessors, and had a family friend as his sponsor.
A very fuzzy group shot of the twelve newly confirmed children and the Bishop,Clergy and altar boys.
Yes, yes, cuteness factor- I had to add this one. Arwen wanted to wear Eden's coronet to the Confirmation.
The Bishop spoke to each of the children after the Mass and that was lovely to see. I missed Rogan talking to him, but apparently The Bishop loved Rogan's tie.
He was also very open to individual photos after the Mass as well. The Bishop has a very real and personal way that I have seen displayed each time I have seen him interacting with the children. He certainly gave a very comprehensive talk to the children for about 45 mins prior to the confirmation on the fact that Confirmation was a life long commitment to Christ God, being a soldier for Christ and the fact they need to have a living faith daily through the use of prayer, bible reading and the Sacraments.
Beautiful girls! Can you see our grandchild there too?
Rogan and his sponsor. Thank you!!
Presentation of certificates after we had eaten the bring and share dinner.
Cutting of the communal Confirmation Cake with Father.
It was a very long night of socialisation and then clean up. I think we got home about 12 midnight.
So the whole cutting of the individual Confirmation cakes did not happen till...........
Yesterday, Sunday after Mass again. So Rogan and Moran were again dressed up.
So cutting the cake for Moran
and Rogan.
Before cutting the cake we sing these words to the tune of Happy Birthday-
May God Bless you this Day,
May God Bless you we pray,
Live for Jesus dear........
May you serve Him always!!

And may we live for Jesus this day and always too!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Eva said...

Congratulations! How old do you have to be for Confirmation. Here in our diocese it is about 16. And you made the dress, amazing. Girls don't wear a particular color here for Confirmation. Tomorrow we will go shopping for shoes for my son Jonathan's Confirmation which will be coming up in October. Blessings to both of your children.

Storybook Woods said...

How wonderful and Moran's dress turned out so beautiful. A special day!! Clarice


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