Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Simple Womans Daybook-- Harvest Time

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Welcome to my Simple Woman's Daybook for this week: 27th April

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Outside My Window ...
Cold and Rainy day

I am listening to...
Sweet little children noises----well they are to me.

I am thinking.....
That we get a positive result in selling our house this week.
Plans for celebrating May and Mary.
Plans for Rogans birthday along with Our wedding Anniversary and May day celebrations--- don' t panic.

To Live the Liturgy...
Celebrate Saint Catherine of Sienna, who is one of Autumn's confirmation Saints.
Attend Friday Mass again.
Read the daily readings together.
Continue and complete the St Joseph Novena.

To Breathe Deeply...
Hold onto the hope and faith that God is in control and all things that happen are for our good.

Towards rhythmn and beauty ...
Create a lovely May display on our Bookcase and make some lovely 'May' things.

I am thankful for ...
A lovely warm fire to dry clothes in front of.
A Hard working husband to support us all and happy and loving children.
A friend and her family who are putting themselves out to come and be with us soon?
A special baby girl who is starting to laugh and talk and gurgle.

From the kitchen ...
I have no idea.

I am wearing ...
Plum cord skirt and pink jumper, black tights(is there any other colour for a mum) and those standard brown boot.
Did I mention I love brown boots and have a variety of styles.
Hair out and make up on.

I am creating ...
May day plans and celebration of Our Lady's month.
Lesson plans for this too
Cross stitch for Arwen.

On my iPod...
Praying the Rosary with St Therese of Lisieux

Towards a real education ...
May plans as above
Continue Moran with her reading lessons following Christopherus 1st Grade as a spine and other activites( I hope to do a Post on this).
Continue Confirmation preparation with Saxon and Eden.
Reading with Rogan.
Work on the Pirate study so we can finish this and move on to our other unit studies.
Read aloud with the children our chapter books.
Assigned reading again using the 5 groups: 1.Saint, 2.G.A. Henty, 3.Classic, 4.Nature or Science 5. Free choice 6. Unit Study book reading.


Bringing beauty to my home ...
Encouraging a servant attitude by all, including myself.
Soft, loving and patient voices and actions.
Bedtime routines with the young ones.
Continuing on with these.
Will I ever accomplish this?

I am reading ...
Pocketful of Pinecones and Pius X: The Farm boy who became Pope by Walter Diethelm
I am hoping ...
I am PRAYING WE can SELL our house, this week.

Around the house ...
Get on top of the washing, that is the drying of the washing.
Prepare a menu for the next couple of weeks.

One of my favorite things ...
Children who share their ideas, company and thought with you.


A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
Weighing of Arwen on Wednesday
Chiropractor on Thursday
Friday- Mass at 9:00am with adoration after.
Friday May day celebrations.
Pick up my dear husband from the airport.
Our Wedding Anniversary on Saturday--kids have plans.
Rogan's birthday on Sunday and Sunday Mass.
Reading with the little ones.
Plans as above
Sewing , I am need of this, the desire to create something.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...
Rogan made this Mermaid by himself as I made some for our Summer Seasons table. I think he did an excellent job.


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