Thursday, April 16, 2009

Small Successes 13


1. We attended all of the Holy Week Masses we planned on and even got front row seats. Ha Ha we always do.

2.Prepared for the real Estate Agent coming to hopefully sell our house.

3.Managed to spread the chocolate load over a few days, even the big boy who shall remain nameless managed to make it last.

Bonus 4. Arwen put on 180grams this week. I am very thankful. Maybe we can reduce tube/finger feeding very soon.

Well that's my take on Small Successes this week. For other small success stories visit Faith and Family



Kimberly said...

Good morning, Gae! How lovely the see the precious images of your large, beautiful family...thanks so much for sharing a peek at your week and may God bless you throughout the Easter Season!

ViolinMama said...

I echo Kimberly!! Loved hearing Arwen is growing, and all the house sale prep is going ok. I'm pulling and praying for you guys!!! God Bless!


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