Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Day Celebrations

After a very late night (read 3am) of organising the Easter table and seasons table we had a reasonably early start. Luckily we had prepared clothes earlier in the day and just had to iron a few.We do not have any chocolate before Mass although we do have a tomb and for breakfast we have Coco Pops and Fruit Loops which are special breaky food here.
We are fortunate and have a 10:30am Mass and having 2 cars we sent the older children off in the first car to reserve our seat.
Normally this is not a problem as we sit in the very first pew, nobody likes to sit there and we do.
I like it because the children can see what is happening and it keeps the younger ones interest better.
However on "big days" it has been known that our pew is gone and we have to split up among other pews which we don't like to do.
We have lovely Nigerian Priest here for three years as assistant. He often sings for us in his own dialect and we really enjoy this, for Easter Mass he sang a lovely Christ is Risen song.
After Mass we came home and got out of those really nice church clothes(no one would stay for a photo) and started in on the EGGS
After a chocolate lunch we watched " My big fat Greek wedding" ( we do edit out a part of this, the children leave the room and we skip a scene) and then peeled veges for a baked dinner, We had cooked the lamb before Mass. As we all chipped in to help it was quick to do and so we went outside to PLAY.
I had wanted to make a lamb cake but decided instead it was more important to be outside making memories and enjoying the journey together.

So these are a few shots of the type of things we play together.
We had a lovely time and then came in to a beautifully set table(forgot the photo) and a scrumptious meal to celebrate the Risen Lord.

I pray you all have had a lovely family Easter and enjoy the Easter season as well.

Hope you have had a blessed Easter

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