Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Erin's Visit FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so embarrassed that it has taken me so long to finally write about Erin's visit. The fact that she came all this way for Arwen's Baptism with her little man I will cherish forever.
I guess it is for this reason I have been reluctant to start. I wanted to share all the love and friendship that we enjoyed together and I just didn't know how to put all that into words, so I kept putting it off. So now so much time has past and I still cannot put it altogether.

Sometimes there is just to much that I want to share that I cannot begin . So I will give just a brief overview and LOTS and LOTS of pictures because as they say " A picture is worth a thousand words.

Our family were all excited to be driving over to pick up Erin and 'little man'. As we don't have a car big enough for everyone, it was a matter of the lucky ones could come.
Having Erin stay was like we had seen each other yesterday instead of over 6 years ago.
It was like we were sisters and the things we did together and talked about were like so many phone conversations that it was so natural.

We talked about food, crafts, resources, babies and family life, what they were doing what we did in return. We looked at lots of books on the book shelves and talked about what we liked and disliked and, why in the world did I buy that one?
Our children adored her 'little man' and we constantly wished the rest of her family could have come to visit as well. It was over 6 years ago when we last visited them before we moved down here and the children ahve all grown, so it would have been wonderful to have seen them interact with each other now they are all older. Hopefully, Please God, we will be able to visit when we sell the house and move closer. Love those road trips, hey guys!

Dear 'little man' was constantly carted arround by our children, he barely got a chance to actually be with his Mummy, and hopefully he didn't miss his siblings so much.
Of course we were especially blessed that David and Erin are the God Parents of our dear little Arwen and we don't think she could have ANYONE better. Thank you dear, dear friends.♥

we did attempt to do some lessons. I had many plans for Ascension Day but there was so much to do with picking up Daddy from the airport and planning the Baptism that we did not do as much as I would have liked, but hey, that is the beauty of Home Education, and the plans are there for next year. We would never replace the memories for mere book learning.

There were so many things we wanted to do and talk about. You would think that 9 days would be plenty, but we did not cover nearly half of what we wanted. So the day before Erin left we were scribbling down all the things would wanted to still talk about but would have to continue over the phone.

Some things we will have to wait until we see each other again. Things like doing some of the craft things together. One lovely memory we have is of Eden helping Erin to crochet, once again the time factor of there is so much to do , feed those precious little babies, feed the children, feed ourselves etc. We had hoped to crochet some roses that had been talked about on so many blogs for saying the Rosary get the picture.

Of course we celebrated one special little girls birthday and I am pretty sure Erin went home with a few things she wanted to try. Go Girl ☺

On the whole there was so much talked about and so much I can't describe. That feeling of closeness that you only get when visiting with the most intimate and trusted friends. The knowledge that she will see you in "the flesh" in my real world and know that that is as it should be. The knowledge that what I portray 'on the blog' would be verified or dismissed as not really who we are, and knowing that there would be no tell tale lines so to speak.

My, and our family's friendship with Erin and her family from our point of view has only been strengthened and made more precious by her visit here, and I want to thank Her and David and the children for allowing this to happen.♥
Much love and friendship to you always.

Just a few more photos for anyone STILL interested in this, um, short account of the visit.

Hopefully I have done justice to the very special time with had with the Mummy of Seven little Australians Plus one, minus the Dad.



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful heart-warming post!

Anne said...

What an inspirational account of Arwen's Godmother's visit. I loved reading every word. We who are blessed to have close friends in our lives, can relate to your struggle with relegating the visit to mere words. To attempt to describe such a profound experience into mere words, is so limiting isn't it? Language can be such a paradox.


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