Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eden's Birthday in Pictures

Happy Birthday... Beautiful girl ♥♥
What a day you had. Once again everything in readiness.
Yes the table too.
The Birthday ring. I need to make some new figures and bees wax candles.
Eden's crown has jeweled flowers.
Of course the Seasons table set for the birthday theme.
A top view with some lovely new bottles filled with very small beads AND the lids are glued on to prevent opening by small TNT's.
The new Birthday sign.
Close up on the Seasons table again.
The chalkboard sign. I need to re-paint this. It is all scratchy and not easy to write on, hence the lack of decorations.
Here she is, the very excited, nervous and I can't wait to open this bag Birthday Girl.
Just what I was hoping for.... a Sony MP3 video player.
Is there anything else in here?
The LOOT. Oops I mean the very special gifts from my beloved family.
The birthday Menu courtesy of Autumn today.
The" Cake of Kisses" this is entirely made of meringue and cream. Very, very, very sweet. Who has a sweet tooth?
Beautiful Candlelight. Have I mentioned I love candlelight?
The cake is almost ready to be eaten.
Just blow out the candles Eden, we are all waiting.
A great effort. Now the birthday ring candles and the pillar candle and the candelabra candles.
Hurray, we can eat!
I think that is enough clapping guys.

We hope you had a wonderful birthday darling girl.
We certainly had a wonderful day sharing it with you.

With all our love,

and the "Guys"


Cindy said...

Did you make or buy the ring? Who are the people on it? I'm semi new to you so if it is on another post, lead me to it.
Lovely birthday girl, she sure looks happy.

Gae said...

Dear Cindy,
You can buythe rings in the US, (Nova Naturals, Three Sisters, Blueberry Toys etc) but here they cost a lot. So I ropped my dear son into making it for me.Like I get him to make so much for me. I draw the patterns for all the wood work and he cuts it out. It is a toss up to see who sands the item.
The figures are just ones I made up. Princess, Prince, Red Riding Hood, Jester, Medieval lady, etc.
I really enjoyed making them and really want to make more. But I seem to want to do so much and not have enough time.

ViolinMama said...

Happy Birthday Eden!!! Lovely pics!!


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