Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Simple Womans Daybook-- Contented Days

A Simple Woman's Daybook 21st July ... yes one day late (again)

I am changing some of my entry titles as they no longer work for me and I was beginning to feel burdened rather than uplifted and organised by doing the Daybook.

Here is the link to Peggy's who is having a summer break.

Outside My Window ...
Night:Cold, still no rain at the moment

I am listening to...
Absolute silence....AMAZING.
I am thankful for...
Safe travel for us and my Honey in getting him back to Wangaratta even if it is a day earlier than I thought.

From the Kitchen...
Breakfast is lovely warm porridge
Lunch is leftover chicken for sandwiches and salad
Dinner is Pasta with tuna and white sauce
Morning tea - chocolate cake that Saxon made and Eden's left over birthday cake.
I am wearing..
Purple cord skirt, rose coloured skivvy brown boots and pink socks.
NO makeup and hair back ready for bed.

I am reading...
A woman after God's own Heart by Elizabeth George.
I had read this over 16 years ago and when Erin was here we talked books and she borrowed it. Of course then I had to read it again when she raved about it along with my other favourite book, The spirit of Loveliness by Emilie Barnes

Looking to the Rhythm of the Liturgical Year:
continue the St Anne Novena
Pray the Rosary with Special intentions
Prepare for the Feast Day of St Anne and St Joachim
Prepare for Sunday's readings
Learn this week's Psalm so it is familiar
Implement the Divine Mercy Chaplet again( we have been slack with this)

In our learning spaces...
Working through our plans and streamlining them to suit.
Write up the Geography books I found on Africa. Set the children starting to read through these.
Have a look at the night sky. Familiarise with it. Build own telescope from book.
Identify planets in books and build a solar system.
Learn about microscopes and how they work in preparing for using one.
Peruse and Prepare folders for next month so they are ready before hand
I am still putting written plans on to the learning blog so I have it all at my fingertips.
The Science experiments are going really well. The children are enjoying these.
Indian study needs to be kept going longer.
Hands on activities for the middle children, making some things from
I am really enjoying the younger ones learning with Story sacks and circle time and the activities that "rabbit trail" off this.

Around the house...
Look for ways to make our home attractive, a haven from the world and a place that shows our love of God and the importance of Jesus in our lives.
I think this is all I can manage at the moment.
One of my favourite things at the moment...
Arwen giggling and laughing when we play with her.

I will claim a moment for myself...
I will do the crafts I love to do. I will sew Corbyn's Patchwork quilt. I will do some of Awen's Cross Stitch I will do some of the crafts from the July list.
A few extra plans for the week...
Helping the older boys adjust to a more intense Uni schedule.
Just enjoy being together with the children
Give the children "wiggle" room for their own activities and interests

Here are some picture thoughts for the week...
Images of Home and family within that home. Of peace and contentment, with a reminder of our Lord always with us.


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