Friday, July 31, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

I decided I liked the idea of listing 7 things form the week that just happened and did not necessarily need to blog a whole post on.
So for my first time at 7 Quick takes:

1. This week has been craft week here, although that was not the plan. We have been doing other 'school' related items but craft has been the flavour of the week.

2. Some of the children have been starting to make Christmas presents. In fact some have completed some already as they actually started in July and have been working steadily on them. Still other children have not given it a thought yet. These one's had better get a move on so as not to be scrabbling around on Christmas Eve trying to finish on time.

3. We have had a technological boost in this house. We are having to go from 2 computers to 4 as both our older boys are doing University Studies and Pre Entry University Studies by Distance Education . This has meant..... oh my gosh.......trying to share the 2 computers with a blogging mother and siblings, as well as the other online Maths and "school research".
This has meant the purchase of 2 new computers from Parents who said way back then "We will never have more than one computer".
This has also been a learning curve( workong out what we actually needed) and the giving up of the hard earned cash that never seems to stay in the pocket long enough.
However there is the acknowledgment that with out the increase in technology we have that both our boys would never be able to do this from home.
Always there are the pros and cons. ☺

4. Which brings us to the knowledge that God always gives us just enough for our needs, when we need it and not before.

5. We are reinstating Family Concert night on Saturday nights - at this stage. This requires the performing children to play a musical piece, recite a piece of poetry, perform a skit or mime and to sing together or individually. We may or may not require a Science experiment as in the past, not sure about this one yet.
This had been a great success in times past and has been reinstated at the children request.

6. In our bush on Thursday we found an injured Ring tailed possum that we rescued (well Bradeon did) that we had a Ranger come and pick up to be rehabilitated. The younger children all wanted to keep the little possum and fix it's broken leg and they then hoped it would be a great pet.
However we do not have those skills and the children got a lovely close look at the possum when we had it in the box before it was picked up.

7. Picking videos for a family with wide ranges in ages has resulted in the 5 weekly movies we can get for $6 has been narrowed down into age groups.
One for the little ones,
One for the Middles,
One girly film for Mummy and Autumn and depending on the movie, Eden and Vellvin (of course if the boys want to watch they can).
And two big boy action thriller or more grown up comedy.

This of course is no easy matter to:
a) find the said movies in the required ranges that pass all the parent radars......and
b) find time to watch them at appropriate times. That is the older ones being watched after the little ones are in bed

Well that is my first 7 Quick takes. For more entries hosted by Jennifer visit Conversion Diary I am sure you will not be disappointed.



Judy Dudich said...

Yours always seems like a home that is BUSTLING with enriching, joyful, and adventurous activity Gae! SUCH an inspiration!

Marie said...

Hey, so love your quick takes. Can't believe you found a whole possum, best we get is a bug or two!

This Heavenly Life said...

How busy you all are! I'm thinking it MUST be quite the ordeal to order movies suitable for everyone - but look on the bright side. Some kids (adults?) may get introduced to a new genre they were never interested in before. Yay for expanding horizons!

Thank you for visiting my blog...I love getting new visitors and comments!


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