Saturday, August 29, 2009

Treasured Moments 3

My dear friend Erin is hosting this new weekly theme for us to share in. Why not join in?????

From Erin--
Do you find yourself falling into a pattern of daily grind, skipping the 'fun' activities because you don't have time or lack energy?

Do creative arts, nature walks, drama, read alouds or spontaneous acts seem only a distant dream in your life?

Yet these Treasured Moments shared with loved ones uplift us, nurture our soul, remind us of the beauty and joy in our lives.

We want Treasured Moments for ourselves, for our children, for our families but how can we make it happen?

... Commitment ... Encouragement ... Support ... Ideas ... Plans.

I invite you to join us every Saturday and share your plans and ideas, your targets and goals and your stories ... your 'Treasured Moments'. In this way we may inspire one another, encourage ourselves and start achieving our dreams.

Here is what we managed this week:

1. The children had a lovely time playing in the creek on Sunday. Spending time together as brothers and sisters. These are truly treasure Moments.

2. We had some lovely times singing and dancing while doing clean up after dinner a couple of times this week.

3. As it was Kynan's birthday we did the usual set up for birthdays. This has extended to include everyone helping get the table and the seasons table ready, along with the stars etc. Last night we even had the little girls stay up late and help do it.
The only person not allowed to help is the birthday person. The real attraction is the filling up of the party bags as the people doing this get a few extra tid-bits while filling them up.

4. We enjoy watching DVD's together as a family. Last week we reserved 20 Myth Buster DVD's. I think we cleaned out all the Libraries in the whole state. We have watched a few episodes together over the last few days.

5. The middle children are making home made pizza together. This is a time when we can talk and sing and plan together. We nearly always end up singing favourite songs from movies we have watched or other favourite songs while working together. The other thing we did while cooking and cleaning up is quoting favourite lines form books, movies and story tapes.

Well that is all form here this week why not visit Erin for more Treasured Moments.



Erin said...

What beautiful, treasured family times you have had:):) Family comment here is jealousy over the Myth Buster videos.

Judy Dudich said...

We're on our way over (or under, ha ha) for home made pizza and Myth Busters!!! You don't mind if we just show up, do you? LOL

Gae said...

Dear Judy,
Come on over


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