Saturday, August 15, 2009

Treasured Moments

My dear friend Erin is hosting this new weekly theme for us to share in. Why not join in?????

From Erin--
Do you find yourself falling into a pattern of daily grind, skipping the 'fun' activities because you don't have time or lack energy?

Do creative arts, nature walks, drama, read alouds or spontaneous acts seem only a distant dream in your life?

Yet these Treasured Moments shared with loved ones uplift us, nurture our soul, remind us of the beauty and joy in our lives.

We want Treasured Moments for ourselves, for our children, for our families but how can we make it happen?

... Commitment ... Encouragement ... Support ... Ideas ... Plans.

I invite you to join us every Saturday and share your plans and ideas, your targets and goals and your stories ... your 'Treasured Moments'. In this way we may inspire one another, encourage ourselves and start achieving our dreams.

Well my list for this week is fairly brief:

1. We have enjoyed having Stephen home to share in the daily round of living life as a family. It has been lovely just to have him here even though we haven't done much due to the colds and illnesses being upon us.
But just being together as a family certainly counts as a Treasured Moment.

2. We have been reading the first Book in The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Field Guide.
We have enjoyed reading this with Stephen as the start of our Spiderwick Themed Study.

3. We had a Birthday Celebration which is always a treasured Moment for us.
We go to quite a lot of trouble with organising crowns, seasons tables, birthday banners and birthday bags. As Stephen and I celebrated together neither of us was involved in the setting up so that was special having the children effectively carrying on the traditions we have stared.

4. I read one of the new books I that arrived form the order I placed last week. Emily and Daisy is so delightful I think it is my favourite Elsa Beskow books and all the children loved it.

5. The little children and Stephen went outside to fly the kite Stephen got as part of his birthday present( he is a big kid with these things) and even thought there was virtually NO wind after we had "Happy Windsday" the children loved doing this with their Daddy.

Well that is all the Treasured Moments I can come up with for the week.


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