Friday, September 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

I decided I liked the idea of listing 7 things form the week that just happened and did not necessarily need to blog a whole post on. This week I am just being a bit Random in my thoughts because well it has been very random.

So for my 7 Quick takes this week:

1. On Sunday I had a lovely time with Eden and Rogan especially. We went up to the loft and each of us spent some time sewing. Although we were doing individual projects we had the time talking and creating in the same space. I made Bedtime bags for Arwen and Rogan. Eden was making skirts and Rogan was making Christmas presents from one of the new books I got for my birthday.
We had a lovely time and all of us were happy with the time spent together.

2. I have mentioned that I have been involved in a Seasons Round Exchange project. Well this week I received my exchange from my partner. she has done a wonderful job and I am thrilled with what she has sent.

Dare I say I am not quite finished and am almost ready to send mine. She has been very patient with me.

3. I am starting to think about our Advent and Christmas planning. What we might put together as a Unit Study. In the past couple of years we have concentrated on the time period and nationality of 2 of the girls from the American Girl Collection. We have already done Josefina and Kirsten and I am thinking I might follow this on and am contemplating doing Kit and the Depression. This would be good as we have been economising these last couple of years and we make a lot of things ourselves.

So the children have been making presents and Rogan has completed all his for his siblings. The three older girls are making good progress and the older three boys have not even started. Of course we all help the younger three with their lists and help them decide what to make.

4. I am amazed that I, a dedicated coffee drinker have children who love and tea and herb tea.
i have always wanted to drink herb tea, the naturalist and self sufficiency part of me, but i just can't seem to "get it". They just don't seem to have any taste.

5. Over the last couple of weeks the children have been playing Boggle and creating word games together. I enjoy them doing this as i think it is so much more creative and has a better bonding time than just watching movies together. Not that I am against movies, we watch a lot together, maybe too much, but using the creative mind together I think will be more memorable in the future.

The children also have new assigned reading they have chosen that has to be finished by the end of October, I think this is very generous. It seems they have been very good at reading this each day as I have been hearing about the books they are reading and some of them have indicated they are finished 1 0r 2 of them already.

6. With the warmer weather, well sometimes and when it isn't raining, we have been enjoying the lovely spring time outside. The children have been getting out the billy carts that were made by the older boys last Christmas and are riding bikes again.

I heard in a conversation by the children that next week they are planning on getting up early again (after all the illness) so I think I will offer an added reward apart from Credits to the Early Birds. So for those of you who read this what sort of 'rewards' would you like?

7. In the past in September we have had a Dolls Fair based on Tasha Tudors description in A Time to Keep.

and All for Love

We have really enjoyed doing this when we have. Last year we just found it too much as we tend to go full on with doing things and I just couldn't face it. This year however I have said we will do it as long as we keep it small. So we are about to make doll booths and start to make the little doll sized goodies. I have some very excited 'eaters of food' who are very keen to make sure this actually happens.
I have pictures in my side bar slide show under Imaginative and Creative Play if you would like to see past ideas we had of "The Dolls Fair-Onions Style"

Well that is my 7 Quick Takes for this Friday. For more entries hosted by Jennifer visit Conversion Diary I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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Saxon said...

I like no.6.
Saxon (the top early bird)


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