Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday 27th November

This week even though we do not have Thanksgiving in Australia. I am going to have it for my theme this week --- Read on to find out why.......

So for my 7 Quick takes this week I am Thankful for :

1. The fact Moran was able to get into see the Dentist (not one we usually see) and that they were SO very good with her and her 'issues.'
Moran has had 2 cavities in her top teeth for a couple of months, due to the fact I was hoping we would be able to get her anxiety issues sorted out and have a programme for dealing with stressful situations I haven't taken her back to get them filled.
I have HUGE anxiety issues regarding Dentist's anyway and of course Stephen hasn't been here to take her. Anyway she has been complaining of pain and finally I decided she really needed to go.
The lady dentist was such a Godsend, truly I believe God looked after us in a big way on Wednesday. Moran was relatively calm and allowed the examination to take place.
The dentist then said they would extract the baby teeth under General anesthetic to avoid too much anxiety . I was so relieved and while we were waiting there was a cancellation for Friday 4th. This was a miracle at work as normally we would have had to wait at least until January.
Thank you God

2. Kynan and Braedon have wanted to get some casual summer jobs to help with the family finances during University Holidays. It seemed as if nothing was working out and then this week the Catholic Family we had met at Latin Mass (only once) rang back after Kynan contacted them about working on their family farm. We had given up hope of this happening as we had not heard back.
Today they went for an interview and start work on Monday, weather permitting. The owner who interviewed them actually wants to speak with his brother about another job the boys can do, he was so impressed with them.
Thank you God for this job opportunity.

3. I am so proud of our boys and that they want to work. They do not want to do this for their own advantage but to help the family. I have struggled with this for the last month. With the need for extra income and the need for the boys to find paid employment (in the short term) and the teachings we have been giving them their entire lives.

The teaching about family and being there for one another, about being able to help each other as they grow up ,about being able to depend on each other when the going gets tough and the incredible gift we have in being a family.

I am so thankfull that they were able to see the need to help the family and are willing to do this voluntarily.
The work they will be doing at the moment, it may change, is weeding. This is for 5 probably 6 days a week from 7am to 5pm, 1/2 hour lunch break and 10mins morning and afternoon tea.
I am humbled and proud that they would do this for us.
Thank you Kynan and Braedon. We love you.

4. This may sound small in comparison with the others above but with Stephen away the little children and Arwen especially need their fingernails cut. In all my motherhood years I have NEVER cut the children's fingernails or toenails. I have right from the start worried I would cut them, i don't cut my own so I really don't know how to do this (aren't I pathetic?) So Autumn does most of the little ones and Braedon does Arwen, who seems to grow them incredibly fast and scratches me as I feed her.
Thank you Autumn and Braedon

5. I am thankful that I can leave the younger children in the care of the older ones as I need to take Moran especially at the moment but also whenever at any other time I need to go out to run errands or appointments.
This came about due to the fact we don't have anyone we can rely on to look after the children at any time. We live a fairly isolated existence here and have to be self sufficient in using our own resources, ie children to help in these matters.
Once again thank you children.

6. I am thankful that NaNoWriMo is FINALLY finished. Only Autumn and Vellvin finished their word count, actually they went over by a large amount. But I have missed the time with them as they have been so focused on this task.
Congratulations girls on a job well done and welcome back.

7. This technically should be first but I am thankful to a loving God who loves and cares for me and our family. Even though we still need our Big need met I can see the hand of God in all the little daily events in our lives, if only I remember to look for His work.

God has never let us down and He has always provided for our needs, not always our wants , but always our NEEDS.
I know I do not live my life as perfectly as I desire but I still know that our Loving Father still loves me and wants what is best for me and for that I am thankful, even though I can not always see his plan for our lives.

So as always Thank You Lord.

Well that is all I have for this week. I Pray you all have a blessed and happy week.

Jen will not be hosting this week but I pray you are able to find some other inspirational reading.



Elizabeth Mahlou said...

You have found many things to be thankful for, indeed. I think we often look for the big things and miss all the blessed little things that, if noticed, would bring us much happiness. Happy Thanksgiving, even if you do not celebrate it there. (Actually, at least one family does -- my cousin moved to Australia with her family 20+ years ago, and I know she has not given up celebrating Thanksgiving!)

Kim said...

God is so good! I am impressed with Kynan and Braedon - you and Steven have done a phenomenal job with all your kids. You give me hope that not all kids will just become enamored with the culture and flake out on important things, especially family.

Greg and I hate cutting Elise's fingernails ... both of us have accidentally clipped her skin, although I think that traumatized us more than her. :X

Erin said...

What a blessing to see a good dentist!
You have Stephen have every right to feel proud of your boys:)

Celee said...

How precious that your sweet boys are willing to work to help their family! What a wonderful testimony to your tight family bonds and the godly training your young men have had!

Catherine Anne said...

Great post, Thank you for stopping in at my blog. Its so nice to meet you.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog. Nice to "meet" you via the blogworld.

You DO have so much to be thankful for. What a blessed woman!

in Him,

Marie said...

Nanowrimo is finished? Don't I still have time for the last 27,000 words?

Amazing about your boys.

Gae said...

Dear Marie,
Well NaNoWriMo is finished in our home because the two girls have finsihed their word count and also finished their stories.
Good luck finishing.

Thank you all for the lovely comments about our boys.
Today is the first day of work so if you can spare a prayer for them.


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