Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter Day in our Home 2010

Finally I am able to share our Easter Day. It seems like forever since I started this ( I have not enjoyed Internet problems I can tell you).
Just a few images of what we did on Easter day.
From Easter morning to Egg Hunt.

First off we had the Easter table excitement (opening below). Then off to Mass we went.
We do not open the chocolate from the bags until we return home.
We had a Lamb dinner and watched a Big Fat Greek Wedding( with scene skipped) as is our tradition and then went outside to play games together . Billy Carts, sword fighting swinging red rover crossover etc.

We actually did not have the lamb cake or the Easter Egg Hunt until Easter Monday. it is just too much to have all at once.
Oh dear, we actually forgot our Resurrection Cookies until mid afternoon. Hence the slight singed look on a few of them.
The Easter Table being raided by all
Myffy with her goodies
Eden helping Arwen
Rogan and Corbyn
Saxon, Autumn and Vellvin checking out their bags
Kynan stuffing his face. Braedon and Moran just looking at their loot.
Arwen enjoying her little bag full. I loved the miniature Peter Rabbit, Flopsy Bunny and Jemima Puddle duck.
The annual Easter family picture after Mass.
Me and Arwen. She is so adorable.
Our Easter Egg Hunt Basket (not to many eggs)with the little Easter Egg eating baby
Autumn Easter Egg Hunting
Kynan Helping Moran and Myffwyn
Eden with Kynan and Moran at a lucrative spot
Check in the bushes!
Sword fights and billy carts
Egg Hunting under the trees
Unwrapping some eggs
Braedon helping his buddy~Myffwyn
Excitement for Moran
Myffwyn on the swings
Rogan up a very high tree
Stephen pushing Corbyn on the swing tree

Stephen and Kynan sword fighting
Stephen and Saxon at it too. We have very competitive sword fighting people!!!
Now Braedon is challenging Stephen.
Come on Dad. I can take you!
Kynan pushing Arwen on the Billy Cart
The Lamb Cake

As usual the best family days are those we spend doing ordinary things together.

I pray your Easter day was full of blessings and the Easter season is a joyous one.



Therese said...

What beautiful pictures! You have a beautiful family!

Cinnamon said...

I ~love~ the family pictures. What a precious day that must have been to have everyone together and having fun!

I agree with Therese ~ You have a beautiful family~


Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Internet problems are no fun, are they? I praise God that I have a son who knows technology inside out, as we have satellite internet. :-/

What precious memories you are sharing from Easter - it must have been a wonderful time, with Stephen home. :)

Have a wonderful weekend,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

Ruth said...

I enjoyed your Easter celebration pictures. Thanks for sharing. You have a wonderful family, Gae.
God bless each one of you.

Vellvin said...

Next year at Easter try to get me in a few more pictures Mummy!


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