Friday, April 23, 2010

Plans for St George Day

Ideas for activities for St George!

We will be celebrating tomorrow as we are still recovering from the stress of trying to connect to the Internet( well I am, and I am still catching up on links I need for lessons).

So here is what I have to share for ideas:
St George- activity village
List of different colouring pages
Our favourite St George colouring page
Dragon Printables (check first)
Catholic Cuisine St George ideas
Dragon cake cut out tutorial

We are also planning a puppet show this year instead of the play

These are some ideas we had from last year
Lesson work 2009
Slide show Play


1 comment:

Gardenia said...

you've got great activities planned. and your entries from last year are great. love those costumes. we'll be celebrating today too. the coloring pages you linked to are marvelous.


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