Tuesday, June 8, 2010

'Compass' TV Programme in Tasmania

We have been blessed in our Catholic Parish in having a Nigerian Priest (one of the three in Tasmania) come and help with the shortage of Priests in Tasmania.
We have had Father Felix here since about late 2008 and we have witnessed his enthusiasm and love of his Faith throughout that time.

We have had Father Felix on occasion to our home and he has enjoyed playing Table Tennis with the children in our loft. Father Felix always has a big smile on his face, he is always interested in what the children have to say to him and our children have really enjoyed getting to know him better through the Parish Youth Group he has established.

We really enjoy his sense of traditionalism that he brings to each Mass and the way he incorporates his own cultural experiences into his Homilies. Often by singing in his native tongue a special song from his homeland.

On Compass they are telling the story of the three Nigerian Priests who have come to Tasmania.

Week 1 -New Beginnings
Week 2 - Reaching Out In a little snippet Stephen, Autumn and Kynan say a few words and in the background are a few others from our family
I was in hospital just having had Arwen so the footage is over 15 months old.
Over the next 2 Sunday's there are episodes 3- World's Apart and 4- Out there

For the non-Aussies or those Aussies who haven't traveled to Tasmania. It actually gives a fairly good look at the country side as well.
So check out the Week 1 and 2 additions I have linked to and the preview of week 3 and 4. I hope you enjoy getting to know our very special priests.



Out Back said...

We have been watching Compass Gae. Have been enjoying this series immensely. Sad to see the churches closing though...

Father Felix does have an infectious, beautiful smile doesn't he?

Take care,


Tricia said...

I am really enjoying the show. I did wonder if the gentleman and children I saw might be yours!

If only Australia had full churches, and lines of people waiting for the next Mass!

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

I look forward to viewing these!
Thank you!


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