Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sewing Day

On Saturday we had a sewing day with our lovely friend Bernadette.
We had organised to sew some 'twirly' skirts for the girls and I wanted to make some pinafore's for the three little girls.

We also had vague plans (well I did) for Rogan who is very craft orientated and the little girls.

So with this in mind Stephen, yes ladies, my husband accompanied the older girls, Arwen and me to SPOTLIGHT to purchase some fabric for the day.
He couldn't find the obligatory "bored Husband" seat but helped push the groaning trolley with fabric for skirts and dresses as well as a really good buy on fabric for tablecloths at $4 a meter.
When you buy 2.75 meters that is under $12 for a table cloth. You can not buy them for our size table at that price, well you can not buy them at all for our size table. WE were able to get 6 new table cloths at a great price.

So onto the fabric-
The girls really took to this 'boho' look fabric. It really is quite striking in the pattern layout and some of the colours were quited bright.
The purple one above is my favourite
These ones were a variegated pattern throughout the middle and we will have to use it well to take advantage of this.
Some lovely florals that Eden and Vellvin picked out
These were the ones I fell in love with.
I couldn't resist these ones for our Moran, Myffwyn and Arwen and am planning to make them simple little pinafores in each fabric so they have the same little dresses.
I love dressing the little girls the same!!
These are the patterns we picked:
Simplicity 4236
New Look 6461
Easy McCall's 5811
Simplicity 5403
And some blouses:
NewLook 6781
Newlook 6170- this one was such a find. We have been searching for a Mexican/peasant style blouse for some years. With a minor modification (without the slit down the front) we can use this pattern.

On to the sewing: we actually didn't finish the skirts as we didn't have zippers and well poor Bernadette lft at about 6pm after arriving before lunch.
I will put some finished photos on when we finish them. Did I mention zippers in the right colurs are very very hard to get in town? On no, maybe we need another trip to spotlight!!!! What a shame.
Bernadette not only brought her wonderful self, but also her experience and advise as well as some of her sewing machines.
Vellvin is sewing n Bernadette's over locker. Why isn't she using mine? Um well it wasn't threaded up, because I actually can't do that. I try to get Stephen to do it but as he had been away for so long I haven't used it much at all (due to it being unthreaded) Just a little embarrassing.
Saxon entertaining Arwen while we try to sew. He really is a sweet and yet a cool big brother.
Bernadette helping Vellvin
Cutting out the fabric for the skirt pattern.
Arwen playing with the guitars while we are sewing.
Autumn cutting her skirt out.
Bernadette brought along some hand sewing projects and Moran loved doing this on of an Easter Egg. Not that I don't have any projects for her...just Bernadette's were way cooler.
Patient and caring, Thank you Bernadette.
This wonderful hand cranked treadle machine was a huge hit with all the children. Bernadette brought it and let all the little ones have a turn (without being threaded) and then Rogan and Moran each had a turn sewing on it.
This is one great machine and we would love to get one for the children and me to use. It was incredibly easy to use and so quiet of course.

Next time we hope to get my foot treadle working with the new belt Bernadette bought for me as an early birthday gift.
We had hoped to get it working on the weekend but just ran out of time.

I cannot say how much we appreciated Bernadette and her skills in this area. Although I love crafts and can do patchwork and simple sewing I really do not excel in sewing clothes. I get just a little, well more than a little, stressed out about making clothes.

Just thinking about the children's Confirmation in July is making me a little nervous when I think about making Eden and Vellvin a dress each.

I feel so blessed to have come to know Bernadette over the last few months and have truly loved having her visit in our home.
Thank you for this lovely day our dear friend. ♥


The Watts Family said...

Oh sweet and wonderful what a blessing your friend is....I have not sewn in a while but I need to get back at it...although I did make some curtains Anna and I sure could use a sundress or two ;D thanks for sharing all the pictures looks like a great day ;D ~Blessings Heather

Saxon said...

Never, never, NEVER, go into Spotlight with Mum and the girls unless you have about 5 hours free and 15 good books to read.

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

I LOVE the idea of a sewing day w/ friends! And the fabric you picked out is just lovely! :)


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