Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sacred and Immaculate Heart Craft

This is a re post from last year on our making a Sacred and Immaculate Heart
I have got some other plans for Friday but haven't made them ahead we will post when we have done them.

Yesterday Rogan and I made some lovely Sacred and Immaculate Hearts for our Liturgical Bookcase. I was inspired by the burgundy heart Rogan had made for one of the girls for Christmas that was hanging on their bedroom door.
I had been trying to think what we could make and then it suddenly hit me. It really was the easiest craft and we had the best fun doing these together.
I cut out the red felt and Rogan sewed them up with button hole stitch and then slightly stuffed them with wool fleece.
For the Heart of Jesus we then made the thorns out of pipe cleaners. We then wrapped these around the heart of Jesus and put a pipe cleaner cross at the top. Then lastly we needle felted on some orange flame.
For Mary's Immaculate Heart we wound some pink roses together(I know there are more than 7 ) and placed them around the Heart. Rogan made the sword out of white and brown pipe cleaner and we stuck that in on the side and once again dry needle felted the flame on top.
He looks like one very happy boy doesn't he?
At the end we place them below the small Sacred and Immaculate(Sacred) Hearts of Jesus and Mary on the Liturgical Bookcase. We thought they looked great and I had the loveliest time making them with my very creative little boy.
For some reason they did not photograph very well. I am in need of lessons I think.
But I really think they turned out well and once again I was happy to be Enjoying the Journey together with our darling boy.


Leanne said...

Gae, You are so clever. I just need your talent, thanks for sharing

Thatresourcesite said...

Hi Gae,

I have been looking for little sewing type projects for the kids that also match with the liturgical year. These are so cute. Hhhhmmm, I suppose one could make it a larger size to be an accent pillow on a youngster's bed. Talk about resting on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. :) Thanks so much for sharing.


The Team

Gardenia said...

this is delightful. and your little man is very happy ! I'm got a similar craft yet to be made at our house, but I was thinking popsicle sticks might be too big for the cross on top of the heart. and now you gave me this great idea to use a pipecleaner for the cross AND for the sword! we shall try it.

Bernadette said...

Rogan is such a clever little man :)


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