Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ye Olde Treadle Sewing Machine

Our Treadle in the upstairs hallway
Some years ago I had a desire for a treadle sewing machine. I thought it would be a great for the girls to learn on and it was such an old fashioned thing that spoke to my heart.

Well for years it sat as an ornament piece in our home and I have loved it but just didn't think about using it again really. Well I also had lost the belt years ago when the children  just 'treadled' on it for fun, constantly, which really is an essential requirement for sewing with a treadle.

Into our lives came dear Bernadette who has a passion for treadle sewing machines. She offered to help get our machine back in working order when our lives were able to fit it in.
A couple of weekends ago she came and helped restore the machine to almost working order and we had a lovely visit as well.
Corbyn dusting out the inside of the machine
She even helped our little ones to help dust and clean inside it and prepare it for use. Our younger children have loved using Bernadette's hand cranking machines she as brought a few times for sewing in our home.

There were a few minor technical difficulties that required a bit of fiddling with. Stephen and his trusty Leatherman were able to almost fix it. Apart from Stephen putting  the bobbin case in incorrectly, after breaking it to begin with. When I pointed out his mistake he denied the possibility of this categorically but the evidence was in the very clunking treadling sound.
Luckily Bernadette had a spare one to give to me, although I am still waiting for it to be installed, dear one.

Moran loved having a turn working the treadle and was able to give it a really good go with excellent rhythm

Here is the machine all prettied up and ready almost ready, (hint, hint) for us to put to good use.

Just a close up for anyone who loves a look at old things.

I have changed where I keep it and it is now in the family room where I  can use it, as well as where the children will be able to have supervised use of it, in amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Just where I love to be involved in crafts and projects.



A Bit of the Blarney said...

Don't you love it? Mine still works and I have sewn some lovely pieces on it! Thank you for sharing! Cathy

Marla Grace said...

Hi Gae .Love your beautiful blog.Wanted to stop by to say I awarded you the sunshine award.Check out my blog for info.Keep up the beautiful work.Blessings,Marla Grace

Anonymous said...

It looks just like my grandmother's machine! I remember as a child whenever I went to visit, opening the drawers to see what I could find and trying to peddle it. :-)
Thanks for sharing,


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