Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Friendship Elelment Story...

Last month I was very excited when I saw the opportunity to be involved in this Wooden Folk Exchange. As I am pretty sure the ladies I will be exchanging with do not visit my blog I can post this quite safely.

I have had so much fun painting saints for our family that I was ready (with other plans in mind) to try some new ideas.
So I was very excited to be part of this creative endeavor.
What made it more interesting for me, and a little daunting was the idea of writing a story to go with the characters I was painting.
My idea was to use the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air as my creative inspiration.
I really enjoyed making up the story first and then painting the wooden dolls to suit the story.
I then re-wrote the story out on some water colour paper I hand painted, and well here I decided to cheat a little and then photocopied it. I was a little over enthusiastic about hand writing it out for all 4 ladies, until I actually started sorry but copies is what I will be sending.
Miss Fire
This is Miss Fire: she was fun to create- her dress is red and her hair has various flame colours through it. She holds  a candle and has flames at the bottom of her dress.
Lady Air
Lady Air: was the hardest to imagine- I painted her white with black hair (for storm clouds) and  she is holding a night sky and has light blue clouds on her dress.
Maid Water
Maid Water: is blue with white hair and seaweed colour tinge through it. She has a shell belt and green to blue and white waves a the bottom of her dress. She holds a heart shaped shell with foam on it.
Mistress Earth
Mistress Earth: is green with brown hair and how could I not give her a green belt and beautiful flowers to hold and around her dress.

I fancy I will be making more of these, as frankly I am loathe to give them away. My children tell me this is good for me as I do have a hard time every time I make something for someone else....I fall in love with it.

I have a few other ideas complete with stories that I am ready to start as well.....but I need to remember to slow down as I shared in my Ash Wednesday post too. Seriously I find this hard as I am all so eager to start a new project.

Thank you for dropping by this weekend and I Pray you are all enjoying your own weekends.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Nabila Grace said...

Oh aren't those cute! I bet they were fun to create! :o)

Anonymous said...

oh, how sweet. You make me want to craft!!! by the way, I love your new blog header.

Cheryl said...

They are lovely. I'm not surprised that you found it challenging to let them go. I'm sure your fellow swappers will be pleased to receive them.


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