Friday, April 15, 2011

Outdoor Play

One of the advantages of our property is we have some beautiful native bush. One of the favourite places for our children to have many adventures is within a part of that bush I call 'The Glade'
You first have to go down from the house to the creek bed which of course has a crossing called "The Robin Hood Bridge".

We have had many 'structures'(like summer houses made from sticks) created here as well as many Adventures, eg,  our Hobbit Trek on Bilbo's Birthday. We have had Fairy Parties and 100 Acre wood Parties, blackberry picking and making Fairy Houses. Anzac trenches and Army Invasion themes feature as well.

In fact we use this space for many memorable activities. When the children want to do anything more exciting they go down to the 'Robin Hood Bridge' area.
Recently we have had a couple of new adventures. Rogan and Corbyn were making a trap to catch a ferrel cat, that we have on our property. This was partly to give Corbyn some heavy building work. We try to give him these sort of activities often, especially when he needs some 'down time.'
It was quite an elaborate trap that was created. Even camouflaged so the cat's wouldn't know what it was. As usual even once baited they did not catch anything.
I really think making traps is a BOY activity. I still remember out older boys making so many of these inventions when they were about the same ages.
Myffy was so proud of herself as she made a 'swing'  for her to swing on. The first  picture above is of Myffwyn and Arwen happily swinging on the 'very elaborate swing. Don't you just love the way children see so much more than what we do when they make these wonderful play scape's.
Moran with a little bit of help made a tee pee from branches and then some ferns. For some reason after wards Moran wrapped towels around it too.
She also made a path out of split firewood as an entrance to the tee-pee, because presentation is very important, down to the last detail.
At the back of the tee-pee is a fire place for her to cook upon and there are very small sleeping quarters within the tee-pee.
Arwen was a guest on and off during the play time, but it really couldn't fit the two of them in it.

I was going to share Corbyn's birthday Play tent I made him and the adventure bag as well but want to show how easy it was to make. So I will do this separately.

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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