Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beauty in the Morning............

I think one of the most beautiful sights we can see is the world as it wakens each day. For many years I was awake and outside in it enjoying the beauty God gives us to brighten our day.
This morning I was awakened by Autumn who was most enthusiastic about my coming to see the frost outside and how beautiful it was when the sun shone upon it.
 I admit my response was less than enthusiastic as I had not long before hoped back in bed after feeding Trahaearn.
I did roll over to snuggle Arwen who had come in for a morning cuddle and then I thought how excited Autumn was and how she wanted to share this moment with me and I realised that was more important as Arwen was a asleep again now anyway.
I went down stairs and outside to view a wonderful fairytale look
 Autumn had taken these photos before to keep a memory of this beautiful day.
 She had gone around our property near the house and tried to capture so many different things with the frost on them.
Athough I won't show them all here it seems that Jack Frost did a very thorough job.
AS I came down stairs Corbyn wanted to know what we were doing and so after finding him his Gumboots and a dressing gown he came with us. Then Auutmn, Corbyn and Moran went together (again) and choose different things to look at an marvel over.
I am so glad I started my day this way...........
 And because I think that Jack Frost created some beautiful LACE today I am joining in with Trish for her weekly sharing of beauty
Blessings to you and your homes,


Jen said...

How very special! It's a loving mother who gets out of bed when she would very much enjoy more sleep...your post made me happy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your daughter has a beautiful eye dear friend! What a blessing.

I sometimes miss those opportunities that are so important to my children because of something else on my agenda.

But I have made the decision, with My Lord's assistance, to pay more attention and to just embrace the moments with them.

Thank you for sharing Gae.


Anonymous said...

You have a very beautiful nature environment around your home.

I'm glad that you spent some time with your children one morning enjoying the beauties and adventures of jack frost. It all sounds very delightful! :)

Marla Grace said...

wow all beautiful! Great story !

Barb said...

Hi Gae,
What a lovely and crispy way to start the day.
The photos tell an icy wonderland story.
Special,sharing with family time, is sooo good .
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Autumn said...

I do take nice photos. And it was very pretty

Gina said...


What a beautiful morning! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.


Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Wow Gae, what a beautiful start you had to your day, my friend!
It's good that Autumn wanted to share it with you.
I don't blame you for wanting to stay cuddled in bed a bit longer though - it looks pretty cold!!
I love how God uses frost to decorate the landscape with it's crystal jewels which glitter in the morning sun.
You were blessed to see it :-)
Thanks for linking up today.

Gae said...

I am glad that the pictures were enjoyed by you all. Thank you for sahring the beauty God has blessed us with.


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