Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Discoloured LACE

Have you ever soon what should have been beautiful lace that has not been cared for?
The way it is discoloured, worn and has little bits of uneven pattern or even parts that are torn. This is quite a distressing sight to see I think. To see such a beautiful piece of work that was lovingly crafted now in a state of ruin or at least unloved and uncared for.

Even though LACE has a  beauty and Strength , all of it's own, as I have said before, it is a fragile and delicate fabric. It does require extra effort to care for, but it is worth that extra care because of it's beauty and delicacy.

If only we could see this in the people God has placed in our lives.
First off our own family, as charity and love begin at home, yes OUR homes and then in the people around us.

I know you have seen, as have I,  those people around you whose LACE has become discoloured, worn and weary from lives filled with many burdens and cares.

It is a sad sight to see and yet we often miss the opportunity to 'fix' the LACE in their lives. We choose to think that a 'master lace worker' would do a better job, and I would agree with that......However The Master Laceworker has given to us, that job.
He has given to us the splendid opportunity to be 'original lace workers,' in our ability to have the gift of serving and helping these people.
We can give this LACE a new lease of life with our thoughts , words and actions.

I think that we also need to remember that we do not cause any distress to other peoples LACE. That we do not cause any discolouration and little torn parts. That we treat other LACE with infinite and gentle care.
How can we do this you may ask?

 Our words and actions can cause many imperfections  to happen, not only in the fabric of our own lives (lace) but in  the fabric of all those we come in contact with.

This seems such a small and quite a trivial task to be given and yet so many of us have affected others with these 'trifles.' We also have in our own memories the LACE that was torn from someones unthinking or even deliberate attack on ourthe  fabric of life we hold dear.

So I would challenge myself and anyone else who can see the beauty of lace in others to treat the fabrics of those lives with the most utmost care and respect. Giving thanks for the opportunity to share the love of God with them in our thoughts words and deeds.

Joining in with Trish and my other LACE loving friends reflecting on
Philippians 4:8
Whatever is..LLovely, Admirable, Cheerful and Encouraging. ~ LACE
Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Oh Gae, this is beautiful.

So wise in your thoughts.


Kim said...

Dear Gae,
This post, as well as your post from April, are absolutely beautiful! So much wisdom, truth, and Light in your words; and of course, very LACEy! Thank you.

Trish said...

Yes, you are right- we are on the same wave-length, my kindred-spirit friend :-)
I really LOVE this beautiful post,Gae!
Such wisdom and sensitivity.
You express it all so wonderfully!
I agree that we have been given the task of caring for our own LACE, and the privilege of helping to preserve other's too.
It's not always easy, but it is worth it.
The most precious creation of God is the thread of a human soul!!
Thanks for linking to LACE - I'm so glad to see you today, dear friend!!
Have a wonderful week in God.
bless you..Trish

Gae said...

Dear Friends,
I do enjoy the LACE posts so much as they actually allow me to reflect on my own failings and how to improve my own life too. Thanks for appreciating them so


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