Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A theme for 2013

As we come further into the new year and as I prepare for many changes and make plans for our children for their Home Learning  the thought of  having a key word that will keep me centered on the things that are so very important to me.

With so many changes that have happened in the last 6 months and the changes and the many possibilities that are available here I can see in the coming months that t it will be easy to be distracted  from the   important and the vocation I hold dear and succumb to the pressure of the emergency and the redefining of our lives and give my whole being to the precious people and circumstances in my life.

Therefor Devotion as a word  is a reminder to me to live my life with real intention and devotion to the important  parts of my life:
To be devoted to my God and Faith
To my husband
To my children
To our family circle
To our home
and to those who come into my life.

Devotion to me is a sacrificial life of prayer that I think will be so very important this year with our older children especially. Devotion can only be expressed in a very limited way when those you love are not under your roof, in your immediate care and it is much harder to continue to commit to show that devotion.
Prayer though can be a constant thought, a constant love token for those not at home and I will endeavour to cover our young adults with an umbrella of prayer that will be a token of constant and unconditional love.

For those who we are still blessed to have at home I will endeavour to be truly present as they share the joys, sadness and the 'everydayness' with us. It is in this being fully present that I pray I can show devotion to each member of our family as well as with another 'flock' of umbrella prayer.

Devotion to making our home a place that will be welcoming and relaxing for everyone. A place of sanctuary , where each of us are encouraged to grow in so many ways, that we may have a full  garden of individual flowers and yet be as coexisting and beautiful as a cottage garden.

A family circle where we live a life of devotion to one another. I pray that this one comes from the example I can give that will encourage each of us to value and treat with great respect for the uniqueness and cohesiveness of our family.

For truly, family is the cornerstone of society and I pray that through devotion I can help retain it's importance for our children and thus our society

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Devotion is a beautiful word to live by this year. My word is embrace :)


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