Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Vellvin


It was a big day for our special girl one that she kept saying for a long time she wasn't ready for.
Turning 15!
In so many ways from our point of view Vellvin has been at least 15 for a while now.
She has been responsible and reliable, confident in who she is and what she believes in.
You only need to read her blog to realise that she is firm in her beliefs and not afraid to stand up for what she knows is right and true.

And yet she is still a little girl in her enthusiasm for life and the enjoyment she sees in daily living.
I love that she still asks me to pray for her when she is troubled over something or asks my advice on thoughts. This is an honour I take seriously and am so thankful she has that  confidence in our relationship to do this.
It is a great honour to be such a part of her growing up and the sharing of special times and treats together. One we have developed just this year is when we have 'girls coffee treats' with the other girls too.

This year has also been a growing and stretching one for our girl as Autumn has gone away to college and both Eden and Saxon are working part time so I have been relying on her for a good many things in and around the home and I know that when I am tired or needing extra care she will be there for me.
She has indeed proven herself fit and ready to take on board anything that could possible be thrown at her and we are so very proud of her.

One advantage of children going older (well it does compensate a little for them growing up) is the fact we can have adult conversations and share on a more personal level.
This has been a part of our relationship this year that I have enjoyed.
Of course the fact we seem to think alike on so many levels is funny too.
We often start to say the same thing and then start giggling when we realise what we have done.
Vellvin had a plan for her birthday worked out weeks before. 
It was time sensitive and started at 5 am  when she skyped one of her US friends.
One of the big attractions for the day was the fact that she did not have to do any regular or extra chores this day and could watch others work.
She had activities both by herself and with her siblings and they were excited to be part of the
'specialness' of the birthday.

The day pretty much went according to plan and I know she had a fantastic time.
A favourite dinner of Beef Stroganoff and a Violin Cake (influenced by Sherlock Holmes) all her favourite lollies in the party bag and her favourite breakfast at the moment.

I am fairly sure that her presents were ones that she enjoyed- a whole heap of books including the complete Sherlock Holmes in  a boxed hardcover set.
Perhaps the only disappointment was the fact I could not get her a tea cup to add to her collection as the second hand shop where they were was constantly closed.

A long awaited trip to the movies as a present from Saxon to see Thor 2 had been talked about for months I am sure. The excitement of actually going as well as the novelty of having 'movie Ice-cream' and popcorn was very high!

She did tell me that her birthday crown was her favourite ever. Considering I have been making her a new one  every birthday for over 10 years I was very happy with that.

The surprise for the day was the arrival of two new pet Guinea Pigs courtesy of Braedon and Anna-Lisa. A pair of them - male and female.
So I guess we know what Braedon and Anna are getting for Christmas don't we?

I so love it when birthdays are enjoyed by the children as the whole day is focused around the fact we are so blessed to have them and the joy they bring into our lives everyday.

Happy Birthday to our most sweet Vellvin

Due to the fact I have missed a lot of birthdays this year (and keep being told by said birthday people I hope to get caught up soon. Is that OK with you children now?)


T.Sheld5 said...

What a delightful post! Emily and I we're anxious to hear how Vellvin's special day went. It sounds lovely! I love the part about her having it all planned out to the tea ;) She reminds me so much of my Emily. Such a sweet girl you have there, it reminds me of how I need to appreciate my girls and share a loving relationship with them. God Bless you Gae and your entire family!


Vellvin said...

Thank you, Mummy. :)
It was a very, very special day and I don't think I was bothered about the tea cup in the least.
My cake was awesome! :)

Kendra said...

So sweet!! Beware, 3 hours after giving birth a female guinea pig can become impregnanted again & sometimes Daddy Guinea pigs don't like the babies & will attack them in pretty ugly ways.

I love reading that there are older children {teens dare I say} that have great loving relationships with their parents. There use to be a time I feared my children reaching the dreaded double digits. ;)

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Vellvin!:):){{}}

Kendra, for real!!! Had no idea.

Simply Shelley said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girl....blessings dear Vellvin


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