Thursday, November 21, 2013

Moran's Birthday in Collage ♥

Moran's birthday was way back in May and like some other children got lost in the thick of everyday life.
So for a quick recap of her birthday here goes-
The day started out as per usual with the birthday bag, home made cards and siting in the birthday chair as we gather around to watch Moran open her birthday presents.

I think it was Rogan who made the very cool pipe cleaner bike to put on the seasons table as Moran is a serious bike rider. She rides a bike when ever she has  a free moment and loves, loves loves riding.

Breakfast consisted of her favourite overnight crock pot oats (I don't think I have done a post on this but they are seriously great and another soaked oat version)
Her party bags had her favourite lollies too

For her dinner Moran wanted pizza. A lovely easy to make dinner considering they were store bought frozen pizzas
Her cake was 'The Cake of Kisses' made from mini meringues glued together with a heap of cream.
So very sweet and delicious

As we live now where you can buy a few party items for not very much we bought a  few theme fairy plates etc for the birthday dinner we put the 'plastic' table cloth on  (just so you know I hate plastic) to decorate for our precious birthday girl.

I am always happy when I know our birthday children have enjoyed the fact that this day is always about them, and that  they know how much we love them and appreciate them  by the preparations we make to celebrate the gift of their lives and  their place in our family.

Happy Belated birthday our precious Moran
All our love,

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