Sunday, April 6, 2014

Passion Sunday (Passiontide)

On this the start of Passiontide I thought I would share about the lovey legends of the Easter Robin but before I do here is a bit about this part of our Liturgical year -

"The two weeks of Passiontide begin today, the first week being known as "Passion Week," and the second week being known as "Holy Week."

This day -- Passion Sunday -- memorializes the increasing antipathy against Christ from the Jews who would not accept Him and accused Him of sorcery and of being blasphemous and possessed by a devil. From today until Maundy Thursday, the Júdica me and the Glória patris at the Introit and Lavabo are omitted from Masses of the Season (not Sundays and Feasts).

Today (unless this has already taken place on Ash Wednesday, as it is in some churches), statues and sacred images (except for the Stations of the Cross) are veiled with purple cloth beginning at the Vespers of Passion Sunday, and they remain covered until the Gloria of Holy Saturday, at which point Lent ends and Eastertide begins. Catholics cover statues and icons, etc., in their homes for the same time period (the cloth shouldn't be transluscent or decorated in any way).

This veiling of the statues and icons stems from the Gospel reading of Passion Sunday (John 8:46-59), at the end of which the Jews take up stones to cast at Jesus, Who hides Himself away. The veiling also symbolizes the fact that Christ's Divinity was hidden at the time of His Passion and death, the very essence of Passiontide.

At the Vespers Mass on Holy Saturday, Lent ends and Easter begins: the statues are unveiled at that time in one of the most glorious liturgical moments of the entire Church year, a moment that affirms His divinity and proclaims that "He is risen!" from FishEaters

Now back to the Easter Robin!

We have had for a few years The Story of the Easter Robin which is a lovely illustrated version of this story that I love to read to the children.
While searching on line I found this lovely FREE adaptation of the Robin  story from -
Sunday Morning in Storyland  - Why the Robin's Breast is Red p. 23
and for an audio of the same story the Librivox Recording for this story

The complete book of Sunday Morning in Storyland audio which I think is well worth reading

Another story of the Legend of the Robin Redbreast

And finally A Poem By George Washington Doane (1799-1859)

Robin Redbreast:
Sweet robin, I have heard them say
That thou wert there upon the day
The Christ was crowned in cruel scorn
And bore away one bleeding thorn,--
That so the blush upon thy breast,
In shameful sorrow, was impressed;
And thence thy genial sympathy
With our redeemed humanity.

Sweet robin, would that I might be
Bathed in my Saviour's blood, like thee;
Bear in my breast, whate'er the loss,
The bleeding blazon of the cross;
Live ever, with thy loving mind,
In fellowship with human-kind;
And take my pattern still from thee,
In gentleness and constancy

As we come closer to the last days of our Lenten Journey I pray may you ever draw nearer to Christ Our Saviour!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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