Sunday, April 19, 2015

Holy Saturday- Preparation for Easter

Thank goodness Easter is a whole liturgical season and not just a day as is often thought in our society, otherwise I would never get a chance to share our Holy Saturday Traditions :)
On this day, after our Good Friday activities, we do our final preparations for the celebration of Easter.
Usually I finish making our favours that I add to the Easter Baskets.
This year I made  a bunch of Lillies for each person.
Just before bed  we make our Resurrection Cookies all ready for the morning, of course not everyone is happy by this time as the last few days have been very busy for little people, so a small one or two are squirming and fussing.
However now we have the putting of caterpillars in our baskets ready to turn into beautiful butterflies for Easter morning.
Thankfully we made these earlier in the week to try to avoid that over load just before bed.
We keep it simple with just using pipe cleaners of various colours and you can create the caterpillar any way you like.
Place them in the basket ready for the transformation and Mummy will put the baskets on the table later when she sets it ready for the morning.
Then it's off to bed for little ones!!
Now it's time for Mummy and any helpers she can get to set the table for breakfast and fill the the baskets and Easter bags.
Caterpillar all ready for the transformation.
We have our Easter blackboard which Eden prepared earlier in the day.
The countdown is completed and extra butterflies are added.
Father Pine is in His White Vestments and we have our pictures and statues uncovered along with the day of the week all ready.
I just love these paper butterflies made from some water colour painting we had done some time ago.
Our family altar has it's white coverings too after being stripped of all adornments of Holy Thursday.
All items are placed in the baskets-
this being a butterfly, holy card of the Resurrection, a plastic egg filled with a chick and ALLELUIA written on a strip of paper, and of course the Lillies I made and a few little eggs.
Place each basket at each persons place setting......
finish decorating the table
Make sure the Seasons Table is decorated too.
Spread a little more love in the center of the table
Doesn't it look pretty!
Now any helpers have to go to bed as I don't let them look at the chocolate  but it is a huge surprise on Easter morning.
This year was  a first for us - NO Cadbury chocolate!!
Oh yes this was a sad day for us. We have always had a Cadbury Easter Bunny and chocolate but now we have to forgo this treat.
Anyway we made up for it with other new and lovely tasting chocolate.
Cover it all up to stop any mice. Hmmmmm yes we have had  a few furry critters inside lately and don't want them in the goodies.

Then it's off to bed for Mummy till Easter morning..........

Blessings to you and your homes,

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