Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Week Activities.......

Holy Week Activities~

We are looking at different Egg activities and I am thinking these look like fun: (list below)
Most we won't do but will attempt a few new ones this week. They will be a great resource for future years!

We actually have started some of them and enjoyed them. Although I really MUST remember for next year to NOT do multiple activities with ALL the children, both older and younger at the same time on the same day. I have some examples of what we achieved from both this list and our 'normal, every-year' activities too.

I know I keep saying 'I won't do that next year' BUT I get so very excited to be trying something new each year. Although Autumn says to me that I should stick to the same things each year.

Now while I LOVE traditions and reusing them each year I also love to try new things.

Some days I love to compare myself with Ms. Frizzle of The Magic Schoolbus DVDs (Free Online). I love how she says "take chances, make mistakes, get messy" I can so totally relate to her and her enthusiasm.

1. Surprise Crack Eggs
2. Surprise Plastic Eggs ( you can even post them)
3. Spring Easter Download
4. Cute Egg/ Spring Ideas
5. Knitted Nest with Eggs or felt eggs
6. Felt Hide-a-way Eggs
7. Spring Baskets
8. Montessori Easter Activities
9. Pom Pom Chick
10. Fabric look Icing Eggs
11. Spring Egg House
12. Spring Sensory Box
13. Eggs and Nests
14. Activities- eggs and baskets
15. Easter Baskets
16. More Easter ideas
17. String Easter Eggs 
18. Sugar and String Crystal Easter Eggs
19. Crepe Paper Carrots
20. Easter Egg Finger Puppets
21. Wool and Glue Bird Nest
22. Decoupage Eggs

I would like to share this link for a quick round up of Holy Week with you.
apart from our activities we are trying to accomplish a few reflective times as well

Here are our  plans from Last year...really there are so many ideas and links. I do think sometimes I look at re-inventing the wheel each year.

We are planning on attending these special events this week too~
Thursday: Mass of the Lord's Supper
Friday: 11 AM Confession and 3 PM Commemoration of the Passion
Friday we will Start our Divine Mercy Novena too
Holy Saturday: 7:30 PM Easter Vigil
Easter Sunday: 10:30 AM Easter Mass

Spy Wednesday
We will also do our Seder Meal on Thursday before the Mass on Thursday
Hot Cross Buns on Friday
Stations of the Cross and box
Make a Pascal Candle-
We usually use a simple version of cutting out decorative wax and 'sticking' it on the candle.It is relatively quick and looks very good.
In past years we have 'cut out' with a sharp knife the shapes we want and then painted in oil paint the colours to fill in the shapes.
Decorations for our Egg tree (pictures top and bottom from past years) using some of the egg ideas we are making this week.
Last supper Presentation
Journey around Jerusalem
Preparations for the Easter Table for Easter Day

One day we dream of attending this wonderful Passion Play
May this Holy week bring each of you closer to our Lord and be ready for the excitement of  Easter this year.

Blessings to you and your homes,


T.Sheld5 said...

Gae..I love trying new things too.. It keeps life exciting! Never dull... ;) You energy amazes me though...LOL

Happy Holy Week Onions Family!!

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Gae,

They all look lovely and fun to try! There are so many choices out there, it's hard to decide for me which to do~ but it's a fun decision! :)



Trish said...

Gae you are so generous to share all these fabulous resources!
Your Holy Week is beautiful.
A true devotion to Our Lord.
You are a blessing and a wonderful role model for your friends and family!
God bless your journey to Jerusalem and the empty tomb!
love in Jesus..Trish


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