Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Table and Decorations 2013

Each Holy Saturday evening after the children are in bed, well actually I sometimes have an older child still up when I do this these days.
This is the time when I decorate for Easter Day.
This is when I place the butterflies into the Easter baskets in place of the caterpillars.
I put the Egg Tree in the middle of the breakfast table. The Egg Tree can have on it our felted eggs, painted eggs and even ones we have bought from the cheap shop over the years. It varies depending on what we have done and what I can find
I decorate the table center with extras too. Usually we have been able to get a large chocolate chicken and little baby ducks but I was not able to find them here this year. Although I did find this adorable little wind up bunny to add to our wind up mama hen.
I strew chocolates or small eggs across the table and around the candle I made some years ago. This year we had home made chocolates wrapped in cellophane.
I dressed the altar in Easter white and put flowers on it as well.
Filling the Easter bags with chocolate is a long process as we buy bags and boxes and then divide it up among everyone

I also add the extra things to the Basket: plastic egg filled with a chick and the words "alleluia" on it, a printed out card, and the butterfly. I add an extra usually but sadly did not complete what I had planned. I also added the 'bunny pops' we had made during the week.

The Seasons Table gets a whole new look as well and this year Vellvin did the decorating for me.

So there are a few things we do each year.
Sadly our All Seasons Wreath can not be put up here (perhaps I can work out a way though) and so we did not have our hanging decorations we usually do.

Decorating for special days is one of the things I love to share with my family. It to me is a way of showing how special the event is and that it is worth it to give the little extra.

So do you have nay special traditions you would like to share?

Blessings to you and your homes,


Erin said...

The night before Easter morn is a bit like the night before Christmas. We also change the purple altar cloth to white, and we change the crucifixion scene to the resurrection scene.

Not as pretty as baskets but ours receive large ziplock bags with their names written on them, eggs inside of course. This is designed to stop the toddler eating other people's eggs.

Erin said...

oh and btw I notice lots of changes on your sidebars:) waiting excitedly for the 'great unveiling'


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