Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Busy with the Everyday......

In the last weeks we have been busy with the things that encompass our every day life.
We are catching up from having sick children, lamb feeding schedules and the last weeks of wedding planning for Braedon and Anna-Lisa. Not to mention the day to day 'everydayness' that mostly encompasses our lives.
We have had our Autumn come home from Uni and we are adjusting, although delighted, to having her here. This involves having the little ones especially, wanting to spend lots of time with her, and her trying to find a little bit of quiet now and then.
I adore roses and truly love the aroma and look of them. So when my honey brings me some especially I feel that he is giving me a little extra care, although I would never say no to a new book either !
One day I said I would like some shelves to set up all my herbal teas and home made remedies and the like on as they were in quite a jumble on this bench.
So just like that my dear husband asked me if I would like a shelf to put them on.
So I as the labourer's assistant helped him, well really I was just there for a good old chat, my dear honey  put together a shelf from recycled materials.
Then I suggested that another one would give me a little more room and he quickly whipped up a second one for me too.
Now I have all my treatments in one place and easy to see and use too.
I do like to see colour in my day and so delight in seeing  how much colour in different ways in our everyday life. Of course having little ones who also love colour helps too.
The room we had designated as the 'lesson room' has been abandoned with the colder weather. After all who could resist sitting in front of the fire while learning, and why not either!
Corbyn took quite a few days to start walking with the support of his crutches after his visit to the Fracture Clinic and was not really very happy or confident about actually walking with his now mostly mended leg.
It has taken all of our efforts to get him going and off the floor 'bottom scooting' which he found a much faster way of getting around rather than his crutches.
We were most happy for the good report he had concerning the healing of his fracture. Praise God! Also we thank  the many people praying for him that this has been so positive and seems to be continuing to go well for our brave little man.
This was obviously a few days ago by the date on the chalk board but I finally found a way of putting up learning notes in this house. However the chalkboards had to be moved to the window after we lit the fire. But I really like the look of them all there together and it is so obvious and usable like this.
However I have had to rarely change the 'raining' to any other type of weather in the past week or two.
 I love when our children show concern for each other, but was equally delighted that Myffy could find all she needed to fix up her little brother who had hurt his hand playing one day.
She found the 'bubbly stuff'' formally called Peroxide and cleaned his little wound and then put a band aid on for good measure.
Of course this was a little like the book "Nurse Nancy," which is a huge favourite of ours, and we had  a small hospital for a short time

One cold and frosty evening our girls, Moran and Myffwyn decided they had to put on a magic show.
They got out the work lights, set up the pews on the grass and suggested I get some nibbles for after the show to celebrate with, and had it all ready for when Daddy got home from work to entertain us with.
 Needless to say we needed to be very rugged up to go out and be part of this extravaganza.
It was a little hard to see what they were doing, perhaps to the best with the idea of a magic show anyway.
We did give them plenty of encouragement and loud applause (the advantage to living out of town) and then we hastened inside to enjoy the goodies.
I must say that everyone was most appreciative of the reason to have such special occasion food!
 Speaking of cold we have been taking our 'fluffies' up to bed as it is hard to get the warmth from the fires up to the bedrooms at night and although this little miss refuses to put on socks most nights  she sure does like to take  a 'fluffy' to warm up in bed.
Not that she is the only one and I spend quite a few minutes warming them in the microwave to take up to snug little bed bugs for added warmth.
 Firewood has been a bit of an issue for us here as we don't have access to our own trees anymore. So some dear friends suggested we come over to their land on the weekend and get some firewood. We intended to make a day of it, which we did, but probably a little more than was anticipated originally.
 Arwen was indeed in her element as she had a couple of new little boys to play with and 'suggest' they escort  her to where she needed to go. Mind you I don't think he minded a bit.
The reason our socialising ended up being much longer than any of us thought it might.
Yes you can see that they are attempting to push the van out of the mud.
Let us say it took a couple of hours to do and then only when a ute was found to help pull it out.
I'm not saying who drove into all that very soft earth now am I honey?
Oh yeah!
Can you see those deep tyre tracks?
And that wood in them to create some traction?
Yes it was what was in the trailer all ready to come home for firewood.

The plus side of this trip, apart from the gathering of firewood, and the fact the van got bogged twice as well as the ute trying to get it out the second time.
Yes the plus side was a very enjoyable day spent in the company of a family we really are enjoying getting to know better.
In fact I think it can be said they got to see the real us in this situation and I am sure they are even still talking to us.

I know there have been many more 'everyday' living episodes but for now my bed beckons as well as a good book to read while snuggling up with a gorgeous and warm (no fluffy for me) 2 year old while his Daddy is away on a work assignment.

Good night and have pleasant dreams.........

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Loved catching up! Praying for you in the countdown{{}}


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