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A Simple Womans Daybook-- Eastertide

A Simple Woman's Daybook
April 6
Welcome to my Simple Woman's Daybook for this week: 13th April

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Outside My Window ...
Cloudy, cold day. We have a pair of robins that keep coming close to the house on our weeping cherry trees.

I am listening to...
Busy children doing last minute cleaning for tomorrow. While little ones ride scooters on the veranda.

I am thinking...
Of my dear husband who had to go this morning back to Wang.
Praying that tomorrow is successful.
New school plans for the end of the week.

To Live the Liturgy...
To finish up the activities we did not do last week.
Continue with the Divine Mercy Novena and go to Mass at Ulverstone were there is a lovely Mass and then the final day of the Novena prayed together after morning tea.

To Breathe Deeply...
Just enjoy my Home, Husband and children. Look for all their good qualities and praise them for them.
Try to balance out organisation with patience. This becomes harder each week being the only parent at home.

Towards rhythm and beauty ...
To try to enjoy the beauty of my favourite season by getting out doors more.
Try to be up early and have time to prepare for the day with unhurried prayer and maybe even some walking.

I am thankful for ...
A loving Husband and children who care deeply for one another.
The Extended-care midwife who has been a continual help in the sorting out of baby Arwens feeding problems, even though this still isn't fixed yet.(yes still thankful)

From the kitchen ...
Rissoles and rice, Caesar salad(I love this at the moment) with apple crumble for desert.

I am wearing ...
Blue jeans and navy sweat shirt, blundstone boots(I love my blundstones they are so comfortable). MY hair is tied back with a scrunchies. No make up Ahhhhh!!!!

I am creating ...
Plans for the new term and hoping to do Arwens cross stitch. I also feel the need for a new project.Hmmmmmmm

On my iPod...
The Lord of the Rings: The return of the King as I express throughout the day.
I am getting through a lot of our story tapes during this time.
I am nearly finish everything on my I pod I need some new stories, any ideas.

Towards a real education ...
finish what we didn't last week.
Do a fair amount on our Pirate Unit study.
Spend a lot of time with the little ones reading and learning to read.
Maths and English.


Bringing beauty to my home ...
Encouraging a servant attitude by all, including myself.
Soft, loving and patient voices and actions.
Bedtime routines with the young ones.
Continuing on with these.
Will I ever accomplish this?

I am reading ...
What happens When women Pray.
I haven't had much time this week to read.
Various books from the library. We come home with quite a few.
I am hoping ...
WE can SELL our house. As if you couldn't tell!
I can't wait until I can cross this out.

Around the house ...
Keep the house neat and tidy and organised. Bring in some nature form the walks I am planning.


One of my favorite things ...
Creating memories with and for my family.


A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
SELL the house.
Create more memories.
Count down the days until Stephen comes home again.
Make plans for Arwens Baptism which has been complicated to get organised.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...Braedon and Arwen on our outing that I was hoping to share with you.
Little children loving each other.


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