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A Simple Womans Daybook - Walking through Spring

A Simple Woman's Daybook 5th October

Here is the link to Peggy's who is our Hostess for A Simple Womans Daybook. Hop on over and see what some others are doing this week.

Outside My Window ...
Clear Night sky, the stars are out to see. It seems earlier than it is due to daylight Saving having started today. We have been seeing lots of nesting and baby animals around this week.
I am listening to...
The rattling of a spoon in coffee cups as the best coffee maker in the house makes us coffee. The older boys are working through a very irritating English Assignment of Braedon's. The other children are asleep; well on and off as it goes in this household.

I am Praying about...
I am praying that Moran and I go well with the Interview she has at Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) tomorrow. A big breath for me to help her through this as she is OK for now ...but we haven't actually got there yet. I pray the other children will be fine in my absence and all able to do what they need to do.
I also pray for the 2 older boys that they go well with the last assignments for the term and have enough time for proper studying before the exams.
That Kynan will be able to sort out some employment opportunities in the field he is studying in.
That we can continue to be strong in the current situation for as long as is needed.

That something will finally work out for us and we sell the house.
I am thinking about...
All the things I wan to achieve with schooling this week, especially with the little girls.
That we get a good start to the week on all chores and lessons.

About how I am going to get Moran to do another EEG, this time a sleep deprived one. Talk about anxiety this one has me a bit anxious.

I am thankful for...
That my darling Honey is coming home on Friday after over 5 weeks away. A VERY long time without him.
The lovely Spring feel to our days and that we can enjoy them together
From the Kitchen...
Breakfast is warm porridge, hot chocolate milk and coffee for older people.
Lunch is sandwiches
Dinner is something Italian for St Francis ( we are late with this one)
Morning tea - whatever Saxon makes today.
I am Reading...
Inkspell I am taking a break form my other reading as I am finding that with all the lessons planning and Feast day preparation I am totally zeroed out with reading formal things. even though I should be researching books for Moran.

I am wearing..
Blue PJ"s with pink roses on them and slippers and a Rose patterned Dressing gown
Looking to the Rhythm of the Liturgical Year...
Feast of St Francis Assisi tomorrow - yes a day late, I just couldn't do another feast day today.
Our Lady of the Rosary on Wednesday.
Maybe St Bridget of Sweden or Our lady of Good Remedy~ we will see how we go.
Prepare for Sunday Mass with the reading.

Make a concerted effort with our Prayer pegs this week
In our learning spaces...
Trying to get back on the plans for the older ones and "B" week (for the third week....Hmmmm) for the The Alphabet Path with Moran, Myffwyn especially and Corbyn if he wants too.

Work through some of the crafts in the October Lesson Plans
Making Christmas presents
Maths and Spiderwick Study and Geography and Assigned Reading.

Around the house...
Try and get those chore routines happening by EVERYONE as well as the daily jobs completed
I will claim a moment for myself...
Read Inkspell for fun.
Do some creative sewing
Go on an exercise walk three times this week
My favourite thing at the moment...
Spring flowers and children playing outside enjoying the beauty of nature.

A few extra plans for the week...
Appointment with CAMHS Monday
Pick Stephen up for the Airport on Friday
do special activities over the weekend before Stephen goes back.

Startt to oraganise the All Hallows Eve party, All Saints and All Souls day activites and food.
Start to plan for Advent and Christmas

A Goal for Myself...
To organise a Prayer, Exercise, Nature Rambles and Crafting and Sewing plan that allows me time to do each of these each day. Am I being to ambitious? We will see.
Picture thoughts I am sharing:
Walking along the beach scenes. A mother with children and picking wild flowers. These are things I have been thinking and wanting to do with the children for days. Hopefully we will get to the beach this week at least once for Rock pool Exploring.

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A Bit of the Blarney said...

Lovely post! Praying you have a successful week with all your goals attained!!! Cathy


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