Friday, September 3, 2010

Kynan's Birthday in Pictures

Our Handsome Son
Last Saturday we celebrated Kynan's 21st birthday.
It was a day filed with love of family and joy in this special birthday for our first born child.

Kynan requested Autumn's homemade pizza for lunch and we tried to create our own person 'Pizzareia".
I made a red check tablecloth and we bought some bottles of non-alcoholic wine to create the look from "Lady and the Tramp" where Tramp takes Lady to the restaurant and they eat spaghetti. Our candles didn't turn out quite right, I couldn't get them to do the drippy thing.
You would not believe how hard it was to try and find red check fabric. Finally I found some that was 'kinda' what I wanted but I had to join it in 2 places to make it big enough.
The joys of trying to get a theme happening!!

After our late luncheon we planned a family movie with homemade popcorn and potato crisps while watching a movie from the video shop.
The plan then was for us to put the little ones to bed from Rogan down and play our How to Host a Murder Game: Power and Greed. 
With this of course we had to have at least 6 different types of crackers and cheese to nibble on while trying to solve the murder. It is a role playing game and our sweet little Vellvin was the murderer, although Saxon and Eden had good motives as well.

Kynan I am sure had a lovey day and we finished the game at 3am on Sunday morning. I am pretty sure everyone was stuffed full of the food we had eaten all day.

Below are some of the pictures we took for Kynan's birthday~
Seasons table for 21 years
Breakfast table set with crown and saint
Farm birthday crown.
Anyone who know Kynan know he loves farming and trucks so her is a farm birthday crown for now until you get the real one.
The Pizzeria table setting
Padre Pio painted Saint.
Kynan wanted Padre Pio or John Vianney. I actually find the guy saints harder to paint as there seems to be less room for expression and interpretation.
Our 21 year old birthday boy
With all his birthday loot.
R.M. Williams gear
Our boy has often wanted R M Williams gear. As he had no other ideas or needs we bought him some of this brand. An oil skin coat and shirt and Braedon indulged his brother and bought him some of the jeans.
The Pizzeria with streamers etc.
Ready to eat
Kynan's place at the Pizzeria
Wearing the birthday crown
The pizzas ready to eat.
We cook eight pizza's and usually have left overs for the next day. They are very filling as we pile on heaps of toppings.
21st cake
He wanted our Fudge cake recipe x 4 and chocolate cream on top of a big 21 with a heap of Cherryripe's cut up and placed all over it.
Cool view
Braedon took this funny photo. He and Kynan are known for this interesting shots
Blowing out the candles
We really enjoyed spending this day with you our son. We love you and pray that you may leave our home with many precious memories of life together as a family.
All our love always,


Lala Lass said...

i want some cake!!! it looks yummy! (oh one of the pics make Kynan look really short :p ) God Bless Nel

Leanne said...

Just lovely, thank you for sharing and walking us through your pizzeria and Kynans birthday.

Cinnamon said...

I love your pizzeria!! Great idea~

That cake looked delicious! I bet it was yummy~

Thank you for your sweet comment~ Always a treat to hear from you.


Erin said...

So is the leaving home comment just thinking ahead? Or has he a job??

Cake is yummy.
Did I ever tell you I picked up a pair of RM Williams jeans for D for $4 in the opshop. Great clothing, lasts forever.

Gae said...

Yes Erin,
Just thinking ahead.
The boys have picked up some too for $4 and $5 before too.
Nellie, how can you say Kynan is short
Thanks for the visit Cinnamon and Leanne it is always lovely to hear from you


allisamazing said...

Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. It looks like you had a wonderful, fun day celebrating your sons birthday. My son's 19th birthday is coming up next month and you definately gave me some ideas on things to do to celebrate. Thank you.

Prairiemaid said...

Everything looks wonderful and I am sure Kynan had a very special day!

I was concerned about the earthquake down your way. Praying all is well!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It looks like it was wonderful!


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