Friday, April 1, 2011

Family Life is a Gift ♥

Family Life is such a wonderful gift.
I love this quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder
"It is the sweet simple things in life, which are the real ones in life."

Capturing those everyday yet special times of joy and contentment is a pleasure to look back on. The small things that we don't usually remember but strengthen  the bond within the family circle.

That is what this post is about....the special times in the everyday, simply captured in images that bring a smile or my face and contentment in my heart.
Daddy giving horsey back rides and Arwen riding Daddy's little horse from when he was a baby.
Just "some secret toast and jam, OK for get the toast just some secret Jam" from a popular Nanny McPhee quote used often in our home.
Moran's Afternoon tea cafe
Playing with the kittens--of course you put them in a bucket.
Our Lenten Altar using my Hand Painted Saints
Our St Patrick's Day book display
Our kittens- Midnight, Buttons, Hammy, Milo, Moppet II
My Wooden people exchange all ready to post
Singing a song they made up very late one night......'Pajama Party'
The girls hang out.....Vellvin, Autumn, Anna-Lisa and Eden
Clover fight with Saxon.....everyone else against him.
Lovin' the Kittens
Bubble beard while washing up
Fresh potatoes straight from the farm
Apricot pie making
Well, we don't know why but this is a very grown up girl......wearing her brothers pajama pants on her head.
 The kittens are very obliging in allowing the children to play with them...Arwen was keen to get all the kittens in the little washing basket and pushing them.
 Our bucket baths due to the water situation in this post
 We have not have had all the bikes working together for some time and so last weekend Stephen fisxed most of them up. It was Myffwyn's first attempt to ride without training wheels for a long time.
She was most keen to have her training wheels back on untill we helped her a little.
Now she is a master at two wheel riding.
Of course bike racing is all the rage now and I think we need to introduce a handicap to allow the younger children a chance at winning.

Hoping al is well and you are enjoying your own family moments as well ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


Nissa said...

Oh what a LOVELY {virtual} visit with your wonderful family, Gae!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful post Gae!

What a lovely family you have been blessed with...and that spacious beautiful room - just perfect :=)

~ Maria ~

crzy4myfam said...

Your family looks lovely! What wonderful memories you are all making!


Tanya said...

Oh, Thank you for sharing your family with us..What a beautiful life you have! A Blessed Family!!

Mrs. Q said...

How cute! I enjoyed all of your pictures, Gae, and nice to meet you.

Mrs. Q

rox said...

Oh This is such a fun post Gae ! lol why is it kids love those bubble beards so much ;-)
I can remember having my bath in a baby tub in front of the fire at the cottage as a child and I used to fill up an old metal wash tub for Pascal as his swimming pool when he was little .
Oh Gae I long for our kids to have bikes again .It just got so bad here with the theft issue 7 bikes in all ! poor Pascal is now 10 yrs and does not know how to ride yet !


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