Friday, April 18, 2014

"Pockets Full of Love"............This Year's Lenten Countdown

We are entering the final countdown on our Lenten Journey, faster than I ever thought possible,  and still I have not been able to share our "Pockets full of Love Countdown."

Our countdown this year was really a very simple project that seemed to reflect on the theme of Love that we had carried over form St Valentine's Day.

I wanted to have hearts as a theme and expand on the fact that it was Jesus' love for us that really gave us this opportunity of redemption.
So I painted some A4 paper with shades of purple as that is the Liturgical colour and then cut them into heart shapes.
Of course we needed a token to move along the countdown to actually 'count down the days' and some years ago I had made a small felt lamb for another Easter countdown.

So again using the Lamb of God as our movable token we have a visible reminder of Jesus as a sacrifice in our place.
Next I thought we needed something to show our love and thus we have our little hearts that we put inside our pockets for every good deed, sacrifice and prayers through out the day.
Oh yes I did say a pocket didn't I!
Yes, so when I cut out the heart shapes I made sure I had two for every day of the countdown. Then I cut the top one off and stuck it to the back one.
I originally stapled them together but wasn't happy with the result so then I glued around the edges of every one.
For the little love tokens- I used a heart shape hole punch and cut out a heap with that and...............
put them in a basket ready to be used.
Then I simply threaded the hearts together and hung them on the wall where we wanted them.
Which is right near our dinner table and so very obvious to all throughout the day.
The final step was to number the hearts and write any significant days on like the Sundays and Holy Days.
Now the countdown can begin!!!

At the time of writing this post which is late Maundy Thursday evening we have managed to actually fill our all pockets with much love (emptying our basket) and ahead of time too. 
In fact we have been finished for at least a week now which is a great achievement for us.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Tina Marie said...

This is such a wonderful and meaningful way to bring Lent to the hearts of your family. Thank you for sharing.


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