Sunday, November 14, 2010

Looking for ideas for your Advent?

I was going to type up our rough Advent plans today but started looking at my posts from last year.
So before I go any further I thought I would share what are for us typical Advent activities and ideas.
However I would remind you this is only my second year blogging so I don't have a great variety of many years back posts.
But these really are every year events in our home.

Feast Days~
Christ the King
St Nicholas
St Lucia
Immaculate Conception
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Feast of Epiphany

 Preparations and Ideas~
Advent Preparations in our Home
O Antiphons
Jesse Tree and Novenas
Home Made Nativity Scene
Making a Gingerbread House 

Book List ~
Our list of favourite books we read from last year.
Update: First of my Book Lists for this year
The link is to My Book List Blog
I plan to have other lists ready soon

Midnight Feast is a traditions we have had since Stephen and I were first married
We have the first cookies we have made and Christmas cake as well as fresh stone fruit and our Egg Nog that are traditions we have had for many years.

Cradle for Baby Jesus

Our Christmas Posts
Our Advent Posts

I hope these may be of use to you all!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Kimberly Lottman said...

What is and when do you have your midnight feast? Can you tell me more about it. I love the sound of it!


Anonymous said...

Oh Gae You know I am just eating this up !
I have not done the Jesse Tree for yrs since our older boys were young . I think it might be a real treat for Pascal to have us do this as he was only a baby back then .
You inpsire me so much Gae . I have no community here of Christian mums / ladies so You all via online are my mum life line really you are .
Peace to You Gae
Love Rox

Gardenia said...

I can't wait to read every one of these posts you linked to! Thanks Gae. we are so looking forward to Advent at our house too. It's hard NOT to. blessings,

Gentle Heart Homestead said...

Oh.. I wish I had small children to share these wonderful ideas with. You are going to have a beautiful Advent season, Gae! Thanks again for the inspiring post :-) blessings..Trish

Suzanne said...

Gae, I love your ideas:-) I am getting my plans in order too.

Gae said...

Thank you all for your encouraging comments.
Dear Kim,
Our midnight feast is after we attend Midnight Mass which is from 12am-1am.
Then we come home and have the first of all the cookies and goodies we bake during Advent (kept in the freezer) and the Christmas cake. I make Egg nog from A Continual Feast it is very rich, and non alcoholic so the children love it.
We also have stone fruits (it being summer here) and other specialty items.
We sometimes have people join us and other years not BUT we always have this feast and actually it is one of the most looked forward times that the children enjoy.
After this the children put out their Christmas bags for presents and go off to bed.
Then Stephen and I put the presents in and often get to be about 3 am or later.
Many blessings with your own ideas and plans as well

Esther said...

Hello, I have been blessed by reading some of your blog posts before. Looks like you have lots of wonderful ideas here, I am looking forward to clicking on all the links!

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Here is a video ad:

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Thanks for looking! Blessings to you!

Leslie McCaddon said...

Gae, just stopping by to admire your blog. What a wealth of wonderful treasures this post holds! I can't wait to dig in and take notes! :)

Unknown said...

Followed your blog! Please follow back
I also have a FB page!
And a Twitter!
I also have some giveaways going on right now. Here is one for a 15.00 walmart card that ends tonight!


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