Monday, February 16, 2015

Lent, Easter and all the way to Pentecost Posts (updated for 2015)

I was determined to be prepared for our Lenten Journey this year (2015) but sadly the closest I have come is to preparing is looking at this blog post and updating it.
So tonight I will be planning how we will journey along this road to the Glorious Easter Celebration.
I'm not sure what we will do as a family or even what my own private intentions on growing  closer to our Lord will be but hopefully it will be a very fruitful journey for us all.

From 2014- It has been a week since we started our Lenten journey this year and already I can say we have experienced quite a few challenges or if you prefer opportunities to grow in love for our Lord and to look to him for strength and help.

In fact we have tried to not only give up things this lent but to increase our prayer life as well and I confess that it has been a sacrifice perhaps more than we anticipated to stay strong in these areas along with the added opportunities that have come our way.

However I trust that this will be a time of refining through the fire and as such a time of much joy as we Enter into the Easter season.

As I look through the past posts I would like to share this updated view of our life as we share the Liturgical journey from Shrove Tuesday through til the celebration of Pentecost.

As I was preparing this it is apparent that some years I have been able to post more than others and I can only say this reflects my commitment here as well as the commitment to my family and as such not every year will be represented on this blog. For even though we celebrated together as a family it was not important enough or time just slipped by without ever sharing in this space and thus we have some gaps that can only be filled through my mind memories and personal photos.

However here are our memories as recorded her in this space thus far:

Lent and Easter book list
Amon's Adventure- daily read aloud for the family (2014, 2013)
The Bronze Bow (our 2015 read aloud)
March Liturgical Books
April Liturgical Books

Hiding the Alleluia 2014
Felt Mardi Gras Masks- Tutorial Part 2
Felt Madi Gras Masks - Tutorial Part 1

Shrove Tuesday/ Fat Tuesday/ Madi Gras:
Shrove Tuesday/Madi Gras 2013
Our Shrove Tuesday/Madi Gras Celebrations 2012
Perfume Eggs (Calazane Eggs)  Tutorial 2012- a traditional activity for Carnival
Our celebrations in 2011 - including cake ideas, food and activities
Shrove Tuesday 2010
Ash Wednesday 2014
Ash Wednesday: Ideas and a reflection 2011
 Ash Wednesday: 2010 and 2009 a reflection

MAKING LENT MEANINGFUL- activities and prayers
Lenten Countdown 2014 - Pockets full of Love Calender
Preparing for Lent and some Feast Days 2013
Lenten Quest 2011- our goals for  the Lenten season

Salt Dough Crown making 2013
Salt Dough Crown of Thorns - Tutorial

Preparations in the Home Post:
Including Salt Dough crown of thorns, hiding the Alleluia, Weekly Lenten Candle Log,
Stations of the Cross Box:  Simple Homemade version to be used in the Stations of The Cross for small ones each Friday

Paschal Mystery Eggs (Resurrection Eggs) - Home made version

Making a homemade Benjamin's Box based on the Book Benjamin's Box

Calvary Crosses- we make these and put them up every year. Last year they were very like.

Felt Pocket Eggs Tutorial 2012- this can be filled with a little present or chocolate eggs

'Crack me Eggs' tutorial 2012

Making a Felt  Easter Bunny  2011- Tutorial

Egg Decorating 2009
St Patrick's Day Celebrations in our home 2014
St Patrick Celebrations 2013
St Patrick Celebrations at home 2012
Happy St Patrick's Day to You 2012
St Patrick's Prayer 2011
Making Leprechauns for St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day 2011
St Patrick's Day 2010
St Patrick's Day Plans 2010
St Patrick's Day 2009

Solemnity of St Joseph in our Home 2014
Solemnity of St Joseph 2013
St Joseph Day 2010

Laetare Sunday Celebrations 2014
Laetare Sunday 2013
Laetare Sunday 2011
Laetare Sunday Ideas and Information
Laetare Sunday/ Mothering Sunday 2010
Passion Week 2009 :  figures for a play

Celebration Palm Sunday 2014
Celebrating Palm Sunday in our home 2012
Palm Sunday 2012

Palm Sunday Ideas and Activities 2011
Making Palm Crosses Tutorial 2011

Palm Sunday 2010 - including how we made palm crosses for our home
Palm Sunday  (no plans just image)

Holy Week Activities 2013
Spy Wednesday 2013 (In Holy Week)
Holy Week Ideas 2012
Holy Week Activities 2011- stacks and stacks of ideas for Easter in this one post
Holy Week Plans and Activities 2010
Thoughts for Holy Week 2010
Passion Sunday Celebrations 2014
Passion Week Actitivites and colouring 2014
Passion of Our Lord Videos to watch on line 2014
Maundy Thursday: Figures for  play for the younger children with hand painted apostles
Holy Thursday 2012
Last supper 2010
Last Supper Tradition or Seder Meal 2010- Script for family meal included

Holy Thursday,  Good Friday and Holy Saturday 2013-  celebrations in our home
Holy Thursday and Good Friday 2012 - celebrations in our home
Holy Thursday and Good Friday 2011 - hot cross bun recipe, Easter cookies and crack me eggs

Good Friday Information
Good Friday 2014 - Sourdough Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns recipe too (different to the one below)
Good Friday 2010 - including Hot Cross Bun recipe
Good Friday 2009 

From Mary's Point of View - a hymn
Reflection 2011

Holy Saturday and Resurrection Cookie recipe 2012
Resurrection Cookie Recipe within this post (for Holy Saturday Night)
Making a Felt  Easter Bunny  2011- Tutorial

Holy Saturday and Easter Table 2011
Christ is Risen 2011
Easter Celebrations 2011

Easter Table 2010
Easter Day 2010
Making a Lamb Cake 2010

Easter Table 2009
Easter Celebrations 2009
Our Original Plans 2009
Celebrations 2010
Plans and Scenes in our Home 2011
Updates in 2012
Actual Celebrations 2011

Celebrating in 2013
Celebrating in 2012
Celebrating in 2010
Plans for Pentecost posted in 2009

Blessings to you and your homes,


Kris said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm going to spend some time looking over it today. I thought I was going to be prepared this year and instead it came up and bit me again! I'll still try for something! :) God bless you!

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this and this entire blog. I've been following for awhile and looking back in the archives and it has truly helped to guide my homemaking and sharing the Chistian year with my daughter.

Gae said...

Dear Kris,
I am glad you found the information helpful
Thank you for leaving a comment
God Bless

Gae said...

Dear Christel,
Thank you for your encouraging words :)
I am pleased that you have been celebrating with your daughter and your homemaking journey.
May you be blessed in your efforts
God Bless


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