Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All Our Lenten Ideas and Plans......so far (and Easter Too)

Once again we come to the great opportunity for us to grow as Christians in the time of LENT. Lent can be viewed as a very hard tome or one in which we can walk closer to Jesus and be thankful for the opportunities to grow.

I would like to share with you the past as you look through the  inspirations that help us focus on this Lenten season. I will be adding our plans for this Lenten season in the next couple of day too!

Books we have used are listed  here : Lent and Easter book list
Amon's Adventure- daily read aloud for the family

Felt Mardi Gras Masks- Tutorial Part 2
Felt Madi Gras Masks - Tutorial Part 1

Shrove Tuesday/ Fat Tuesday/ Madi Gras:
Our celebrations in 2011 - including cake ideas, food and activities
Ash Wednesday: Ideas and a reflection 2011
 Ash Wednesday: 2010 and 2009 a reflection

Lenten Quest 2011- our goals for  the Lenten season

Salt Dough Crown of Thorns - Tutorial

Preparations in the Home Post:
Including Salt Dough crown of thorns, hiding the Alleluia, Weekly Lenten Candle Log,
Stations of the Cross Box:  Simple Homemade version to be used in the Stations of The Cross for small ones each Friday

Paschal Mystery Eggs (Resurrection Eggs) - Home made version

Making a homemade Benjamin's Box based on the Book Benjamin's Box

Calvary Crosses- we make these and put them up every year. Last year they were very large...life like.

Reflection 2011
St Patrick's Prayer 2011
Making Leprechauns for St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day 2011
St Patrick's Day 2010
St Patrick's Day Plans 2010
St Patrick's Day 2009

St Joseph Day 2010

Laetare Sunday 2011
Laetare Sunday Ideas and Information
Laetare Sunday/ Mothering Sunday 2010
Passion Week 2009 :  figures for a play

Palm Sunday Ideas and Activities 2011
Making Palm Crosses Tutorial 2011

Palm Sunday 2010 - including how we made palm crosses for our home
Palm Sunday  (no plans just image)

Holy Week Activities 2011- stacks and stacks of ideas for Easter in this one post
Holy Week Plans and Activities 2010
Thoughts for Holy Week 2010
Egg Decorating 2009

Last supper 2010
Maundy Thursday: Figures for  play for the younger children with hand painted apostles
Last Supper Tradition or Seder Meal 2010- Script for family meal included

Holy Thursday and Good Friday 2011 - hot cross bun recipe, Easter cookies and crack me eggs

Good Friday Information
Good Friday 2010 - including Hot Cross Bun recipe
Good Friday 2009 

From Mary's Point of View - a hymn

Resurrection Cookie Recipe within this post (for Holy Saturday Night)
Making a Felt  Easter Bunny - Tutorial
Making Simple Easter baskets- Including the making felt butterfly's for the resurrection theme

Holy Saturday and Easter Table 2011
Christ is Risen 2011
Easter Celebrations 2011

Easter Table 2010
Easter Day 2010
Making a Lamb Cake 2010

Easter Table 2009
Easter Celebrations 2009
Blessings to you and your homes,

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