Friday, March 4, 2011

Round up of Lent and Easter Ideas from the Past ♥

In my organisation of preparing our family for Lent I thought I would link to specifics we have actually done during the Lenten and Easter seasons in the last couple of years.  have a blog before this but basically we would do the same thing anyway.

Before the end of the weekend I plan on our ideas and sacrifices for this Lenten Season, 2011 up and ready to go.

Books we have used are listed  here : Lent and Easter book list

Mardi Gras: I don't think I have ever done a post before ( I will post what we do in my forthcoming plans)

Shrove Tuesday: Again I have never done a post before ( I will post what we do in my forthcoming plans)

Ash Wednesday: no posts except this story of our last two Ash Wednesday's (plans to come as well)

Preparations in the Home Post:
Including Salt Dough crown of thorns, hiding the Alleluia, Weekly Lenten Candle Log,
Stations of the Cross Box:  Simple Homemade version to be used in the Stations of The Cross for small ones each Friday

Paschal Mystery Eggs (Resurrection Eggs) - Home made version

Making a homemade Benjamin's Box based on the Book Benjamin's Box

St Patrick's Day 2010
St Patrick's Day Plans 2010
St Patrick's Day 2009

St Joseph Day 2010

Laetare Sunday Ideas and Information
Laetare Sunday/ Mothering Sunday 2010
Passion Week 2009 :  figures for a play 

Palm Sunday 2010 - including how we made palm crosses for our home
Palm Sunday  (no plans just image)

Egg Decorating 2009

Maundy Thursday: Figures for  play for the younger children with hand painted apostles
Last Supper Tradition or Seder Meal 2010- Script for family meal included

Good Friday Information
Good Friday 2010 - including Hot Cross Bun recipe
Good Friday 2009 

Making Simple Easter baskets- Including the making felt butterfly's for the resurrection theme
Easter Table 2010
Easter Day 2010
Making a Lamb Cake 2010

Easter Table 2009
Easter Celebrations 2009

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Dae this is just awesome ! I've been reading for almost an hr. ☺
and I will return tomorrow to look up books at the library .
You have given me so many ideas for the boys .
Bob & I were married on Laetare Sunday !!I felt extra special having the colour rose for my wedding ☺ I had no idea it was also known as Mothering sunday til yrs later .
Thanks Gae

Trish said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what this Lent will be like for your family, Gae.
So inspiring - thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas!
God bless you.
Have a great weekend dear lady!

Tiffany said...

Love your new blog look, Gae...just beautiful! i am posting this link over at my place. Thanks for all you share and God Bless your 2011 preparations!

Gae said...

Thank you Tiffany for linking to me I appreciate it as you are so creative anyway.

Dear Rox and Trish, I am a always encouragedd by your commetns thank you so much

Gae ♥


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